Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Award Takes Me Back.

My good buddy, Paul from "I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference" was kind enough to pass on some awards to lil' ol' me. If you're not familiar with his blog you should really go check him out. He's a great writer and, right now, he's in the process of giving his readers a page-by-page taste of an adventure story he's working on and I've been hooked from the get-go.

As for my awards, first he gave me this:

Thanks, dude! It's going right up on my wall.

The rules for this award go like this:

I go back over my previous posts and pick out the 7 that made their mark in the following categories:

Most Beautiful:
When Vinny Met The Diva. - The post talking about where I first met Mrs. C.

Most Helpful:
The Wonderful World Of Blogging. - Basically, my guide on the personal changes experienced  by new bloggers (or, at least, this blogger).

Most Controversial:
Some People Need Feel In Order To Learn.  - I'm not very controversial but pretty sure I lost a follower over this one. But my follower list is a constant roller coaster ride so I'm not even sure.

Most Surprisingly Successful:
So... Apparently People Want To See Me Naked. - Just so you know, there's no nudity involved in this post. I totally phoned in this post to talk about the crazy-high stats on the previous post (no nudity there either) and this one went and outdid it.

Most Underrated:
Living With A Ninja. - It was done during Thanksgiving weekend last year and went virtually unnoticed.

Most Prideworthy:
An Analytical Look Into Social Interaction. - This is the post that gave birth to my stick drawing and another one of my all-time favorites.

Now comes the hard part.  I have pick out 7 others to receive this award. How do I just pick seven of you? Can't I just give it to everyone?


It took some careful deliberating but I was finally able to make my picks. The lucky winners (in order of how I ended up typing them) are:

1. Nikki of My Cyber House Rules
2. Sugar Free of Sugar Free Thoughts
3. Al Penwasser Penwasser Place
4. of My Own Private Idaho
5. Nicole of Ninja Mom
6. ib of Habitual Hobbit
7. Copyboy of Not Worth Mentioning

The second award I got was this:

Thanks again, Paul. Since I did get this one before, I'm going to be lazy and redirect you to the  post here where I already followed the rules for this one.

There you go. All done.


  1. I now associate blog awards with jingles from horror movies... Or like the da-duhhhh-da-duhhhhh from Jaws...

    Because when I see a fellow blogger get an award I get all (because it HAS to be about ME) nervous to see if the award is transferred down to moi, but then again I'm afraid it may be passed down to me then I'll have to do something about it. Awards come with work.

    BUT congrats - YOU so deserve every award, your blog is witty, entertaining, creative and its got plenty of boobs (yeah, even chicks like 'em!)


  2. I LOVE when awards are given to the right person.


    You have always been one of my favorites and therefore, should be in everyone's top five (at least).

  3. NARI! It's so nice to see your lovely avatar out there again! I've missed you so much (sorry Vinny, I hate it when people come to my house to chat and be happy to see somebody else who's in my house rather than me, but this is a special occasion!) MUWAH!

  4. @ Nikki: Well, I hope you're hearing that da-duhhhh-da-duhhhhh music right now because you're right. This award has snuck up on you.

    @ Nari: Thank ya kindly. I wouldn't say "everyone's" top five. around 80% of the blogosphere should do.

    @ Nikki: No worries. I agree that the occassion is special.

  5. Thanks, Vinny! I'll be all over this like a bum on a baloney sandwich.

  6. Congrats Vinny.

    Enjoyed the one about blogging, no one told me it's addictive.

  7. You. Ohhhh you!! I'm all red-cheeked because of this. Wait. Nope. That's the vodka. I still love it though!!!! Thanks, buddy!!

  8. I think some of the most underrated posts are over holiday weekends- because everyone has a little free time to blog something, but not the extra time for blog reading, so they get missed!

  9. I remember most of the posts you mentioned. How long have I been doing this? Anyway, it's been good times following you.

  10. Hey thanks man!!!! Very honored indeed! And congrats to you!!!!

  11. Congrats on your awards, and your fine choice in bloggers to follow!


  12. SO I stumbled across your blog and after reading a few of your previous weren't kidding about your hilarity. I love your comics.


    You draw nice stick figure boobs.

    Congrats on your awards!

  13. @ Al Penwassar: No. Thank you for the imagery.

    @ AC: I really was considering starting a Bloggers Anonymous... But then I got side tracked working on some stick toons for a post...

    @ Sugar Free: You deserve it, my very wangworthy friend ;)

    @ Meri: I learned my lesson since then. No posts when the internet is closed.

    @ Paul: Right back atcha, man.

    @ Copyboy: You're welcome & thanks.

    @ Lost: I am in complete agreement. Even if you were to, say, casually be browsing & like what you find...

    Just sayin'.

    @ Lemons Don't Make Lemonade: Thanks. I like to think I was well endowed with this talent. Oh yeah, I went there.


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