Thursday, April 21, 2011

When The Cats Are Away.

There isn't much going on here today. I mean literally. Bossman and Bosslady have flown out for the long weekend and left us up to our own devices. Added to that is the fact that a few staff members have used a day from their vacation time to get the day off. It's actually pretty quite today.

In other news, it's Thursday so I'm posting over at Sprocket Ink again. Now be good and head on over and check it out. While you're there, feel free to have a look around if you haven't gotten your feet too wet over there yet. Go on! Don't be shy. We don't bite.

Or maybe we do...

Anyway, it's my turn at the piñata (which looks remarkably like Bossman. Props to the guys in Tech!). Head on over to Sprocket Ink.


  1. Dude, you have been on FIRE since I've been away. I'm going to need a couple hours to go back and look at everything you've been posting, here and elsewhere.

    Most excellent!

  2. Hope you are fully enjoying your day without the boss ...and that you got a good crack at the pinata.

    I read about the iphone tracking capabilities. Very creepy but I always suspected something like this was bound to happen.

  3. @ DP: In that case... I apologize in advance.

    Kidding! Thanks. I was wondering where that smoke was coming from.

    @ The Empress: It was the best day at the office in a loooong time. Trust me.

  4. Do you take custom orders for those pinatas? I'm asking for a "friend" of mine.


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