Monday, April 18, 2011

Always Remember

They are definitely dangerous when they are alone.

But you don't stand a chance when women team up.

This has been a PSA from Vinny C.


  1. THANK YOU. United we stand.

    I cannot believe you are sharing this secret! LOL

  2. Younever told me you were related to Picasso! Them be some awesome drawings man. And the words. Profound. Word.

  3. 'Tis true. 'Tis true.
    And Lacy is the perfect decoy babe. *recalls youth*

  4. And he never even saw it coming...bam and bamm! It's like that!

  5. @ Oilfield: Only a man who has been the victim of a wife/mother combo punch can truly appreciate this.

    @ subWOW: Just looking out for the brother's out there.

    @ Nikki: The Picasso of stick boobies? I wonder if I could copyright that.

    @ Nubian: True dat. I imagine that is why those snatch & grab thieves run so fast.

    @ dbs: Another man who understands. I'm thinking we should start a support group.

    @ The Empress: Boobies?! Where?! *looks around eagerly*

    @ Random Girl: It seems, at the time, he had something(s) in his eyes.

  6. hail the power of fun bags!

    dude, you're getting better and better at this drawing biz. keep em coming.)

  7. I just love how you're drawings brings your point to life! *wiping tear of laughter from eye* But yea, girl power! btw-she got a licence for those boobs? The size to body ratio may lead to some sorta back surgery - LOLz. Brill!

  8. The relatives are yourself.

  9. Poor Diane. I wonder if she has stick figure boob envy..?

  10. @ pattypunker: Oh, I intend to. I've got a lot of plans in the works for my little stick crew.

    @ badkitty: She owes a lot to yoga, that one.

    @ AC: I wish I could. Unfortunately, my long weekend holds no avenue of escape for me.

    @ Alittlesprite: She does. But they're trying to put their differences aside.

  11. you are a genius

    I live with 4 women. I know what I'm talking about.


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