Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Memoriam

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means. I’ve got a new post up at Sprocket Ink. Now head on over and check it – and all the other great posts that are there – out. Aside from that I’m saying goodbye to an old friend:

Today, we gather to celebrate the passing of ASUS EeePC900. ASUS, to his friends.
I remember, in his all of three years on this Earth, he served his purpose with seldom a complaint or crash. In fact, his first ever “Blue Screen of Death” incident was only less than five months ago. I only wish I could have recognized this as the first sign of his failing health earlier.

ASUS stood the test and trials of time (And a sometimes over-demanding user), having not once, but twice, to have his operating system reinstalled due to virus attacks. Still, he served faithfully.

Sure, he was slow to respond at times, but for a netbook of his limited capacity, he performed his duty admirably.

He was the witness of many firsts in my life. For example: My first steps into the world of Azeroth when I opened my WoW account as well as my adventures (Up until last week Tuesday) in the world of blogging, to name a few.

Good times…

ASUS leaves behind one grateful user to mourn his passing.

Though your successor is newer and faster, you shall not be forgotten.

Goodbye, dear friend.

Okay, now head on over to Sprocket Ink for something more uplifting. ASUS would want you to.


  1. I am so happy that you loved your ASUS. It came from where I came from! :-) (Well, at least the ASUS company... since we know everything is made in China nowadays no matter where the company is at...)

  2. I shall have a drink in ASUS's honor tonight.

  3. where should we send flowers? Or would you prefer to make donations in his name?

  4. Hopefully you had a nice stick boobie image placed on ASUS's tombstone.

  5. @ subWOW: I'm using a Dell now, but only because the ASUS brand is so hard to find in my country. But, without a doubt, I loved how that laptop ran.

    @ Oilfield: He'd like that. I know he would.

    @ Miss Rosie: Donations will be fine. I'll send you my paypal-I mean-the charity info.

    @ Empress: Lacy & the gang were born on ASUS. They're all pretty broken up by the loss

  6. I am so sorry for your loss.
    MY ASUS Eeepc1001 also sends it's condolances.

    my WV: diesess


  7. @ Sprite: I've heard that the ASUS clan is very close-knit.

  8. ASUS gave up after just 3 years?

    Brought a hammer.

  9. Ant, is the hammer for the Dell?


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