Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Had A Bad Day Again.

This one's going to be short & sweet (Not really).

First, the good news. I'm posting over Sprocket Ink today. Lots of good stuff going on over there. Go check it out.

Now, the not so good news. I'm going to gripe just a little because, right now, I'm using one of my school's signature line of wols model computers. This is because currently without laptop. Around lunchtime today it just refused to boot-up. Unlike last week's scare, though, this time isn't due to a faulty power cable.

Did I mention that I had a final assignment for one of my classes due today and it was on said laptop?


How about the fact that I finished it only late last night and neglected to save a backup copy? Didn't mention that either, did I?

Otherwise, I'm good (Thanks for asking). I refuse to let it get to me. I'm hoping for an extension because there is no way I can do the entire thing over from scratch.

Now head over to Sprocket Ink (See? I even linked it twice for you) and see me (and my ailing ASUS) when we were both in a better mood.


  1. I'm heading over to the link now...I hope there is food there...or at least a drunk ass stripper ;)

  2. Sorry to hear you've been having a crap day. Bloggy hugs ...and now I'm off to join Thundercat at the drunken stripper party... ; )

  3. Oh that just sucks. Sorry about that.

  4. oh my god. i totally read "see me and my ailing ANUS". christ.

    anyhoo, i'd better start drinking, since everyone seems like they're in a tipping mood...

  5. This happened to me when I was in college. After the first scare, I started remembering to back up everything and all the time. Good luck on getting your extension. I'm sure, given the circumstances, that it will work for you.

  6. Vinny *shakes head*
    My hubby is in IT and the one rule he drills into me...?

    Hope you get it back.

  7. Apparently there is a party with strippers... I'm in!

  8. I got a few dolla's for the strippers. I hear they like those. And will rub things on you for them.

  9. Are the strippers still there?

  10. I am so very sorry! I have been in tears on several occasions when things like that happened to me.

    Did I ever tell you I am easily distracted? What strippers? Where? Huh? Bowwowow

  11. @ ALL: I find it interesting that only the female commenters seemed interested in whether or not there would be strippers (which I'm pretty sure I never mentioned, by the way). Hmmmm...

  12. Vinny, that sucks. Sorry, dude.

    WV: basterst.


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