Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Where Have You Been This Week? - Dealing With Secrets & Mysteries.

This was an eventful week for me. I was stressing the whole interview thing right up until the day it happened but turns out things did turn out pretty good. But we'll get to all that during the wrap-up.

As usual, we start with what I was up to here:

- On Monday I shared another conversation with Mrs. C where she seemed to let a secret slip. I'm still investigating. 

- I didn't post again until Thursday. It was just to ramble on a little about the impending job interview the day after that.

- On Friday, after the interview, I announced that I was successful. Unfortunately, that only means that I get to go to round two, A SECOND INTERVIEW! It is true that torture is often most effective when you can drag it out for as long as possible. I guess employers (even potential ones) know this better than most.

Now a few of you have asked and, as I said in the comments to that post, this mystery question is actually the homework. One of the interviewers challenged me to figure out the correct answer for them by the time I returned for the second interview. And, while he did swear me to secrecy, I really do want to see if I can figure it out on my own. Be patient. I'll share it as soon as I can. Promise.

As you know, I also did my thing over at Sprocket Ink:

- On Tuesday I wrote about a family whose exploits in attempted murder could be right out of a movie plot. Albeit a Pegg and Frost movie plot rather than a murder mystery, though.

I dunno... This one seems a little out there. Even for us!
- Then, on Thursday, I wrote about boobs again (it's in my imaginary contract). This time it was about a profession I could really see myself getting into... Minus the makeup, of course.

There it is! My week's activities here on the blogasphere. Of course, I'll keep you updated on my progress on the job front and let you know when they call back. Until then, later.


  1. yay a second interview! you'll kill it, vinny.

  2. @ pattypunker: Thanks. I hope they don't take too long to call though. For me the waiting is worse than the actual thing.

  3. Hey. if the newspaper job doesn't take, at least you always have the whole "slapping" thing to fall back on.


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