Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ripping Someone Off (Now With An Extra Step).

1. Add graphic:

2. Make people think there's yet again an actual post on your blog.

3. By the time they realize there isn't an actual post on your blog, redirect them to where your posts are:

Click here and here.

4. Once again, end abruptly.


  1. You master of subterfuge you.

  2. Nevada is the Net for Vermont.
    The name of the game is explosives to wipe out trace of Pedophilia in Gov'T.
    And that 's with racist Tea Party and they have books on GE- RITE AID to prove it.
    And they say Penn is involved with half of Aryan Hollywood including Tarantino .
    And they took it to terrorism too.
    NY with NYE and ROVE.
    And they hooked it to HOOCKST with CK and KANSAS.
    Which took it globally with mob.
    And that's why MANCHIN is key witness and bringing
    down mafia internationally.
    And she is taking down REAKS and REMMY GENTO LITTLE ZOO.
    AK's - child - trafficking, EDWARD MEESE and CLINTON.
    The entire web leads directly to the QUEEN with Rick and
    Roper and Hevener.
    Rings with " music" and supposedly Ringo and Ono.

  3. @ dbs: I know. I'm sneaky like that.

    @ Anon: Um... Wha?


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