Friday, October 7, 2011


 I just had my interview at the newspaper.

I got up at 3:32 this morning. I don't know why. Nerves, I guess. This was the day of my interview and all and I always had a habit of getting up early whenever there was a big event. Things like school trips back in the day, my wedding day, the first day at a new job, anything that could make me anxious did this to me.

I stayed in bed until 5AM when it was time to wake Mrs. C to get ready for work. Once she knew of my situation she then insisted that I do nothing but try to get back to sleep. I did, but try as I would, I couldn't fall asleep again.

This is gonna be fun...

Just like the rules say, I got there early (a minute and a half still counts). Fortunately I wasn't sweating as much as I normally do. Did I ever mention that I sweat? Like A LOT? Especially when I'm nervous. I know! Way to make an impression, right?! Anyway, I mopped what little was on my face and waited. To my surprise, I wasn't left to wait too long. In a few interviews in the past, even though I was early or on time I still ended up waiting for sometimes 20 minutes until they were ready. Well, let's just say this wasn't the first unusual thing to happen during the interview.

It started off (and basically ended) with an icebreaker question. One of the interviewers came in and handed me a sheet of paper with a single question on it I was told to answer it and they'd be with me shortly. Then he left. I looked at the question on the paper and the scenario presented didn't seem to make any sense. So I answered that I couldn't answer it. That is, not until some more information was provided and, instead, I wrote down my own questions that would provide me with some clarification.

Turns out that wasn't exactly what they were expecting. So, in a nutshell, we didn't get much further than that icebreaker. Sure, a few follow-up questions were asked. A formality, I suppose. But after I had answered they had already made up their minds.

To paraphrase, they basically said that my response wasn't what they were looking for but it proved that I thought outside the box and was able to dig deeper for more information. They said that these were important aspects for a journalist and that I had passed (what I was to learn was actually) the first half of the interview. Now I'm just to expect a call for interview number 2.

Holy crap! I pulled it off!?!

That's right! I didn't totally screw it up. I'm not hired (yet) but they definitely are interested. Nothing is confirmed yet other than they'll call me to set an appointment for the second interview, but things are looking good.

Plus... They gave me homework.

No kidding.


  1. A 2nd interview AND homework?

    They must be planning to give you the job. In my experience, only employees are ever treated that oddly.

    Luckily you wiped your forehead before the interview, that way there was no head shaped sweat outline left on the interview desk...although that would have left an impression, so to speak.

    Congrats on the second interview!

  2. Torturous!
    I think it's a good sign though.

  3. This deserves some boobs. Doesn't it?

  4. well done!
    Fingers crossed for you :)

  5. Awesome! Just curious, what was the question?

  6. Congratulations. Your ability to see things differently, as you consistently demonstrate here, is apparently translatable to the real world. That's inspirational.

  7. I'd be curious to know what the question was.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

    Reminds me of a friend who applied to a position where the first "test" was figuring out who to send it too.

  8. @ Nari & @ dbs: I know, right? Unless they're just into screwing with random strangers, I think this actually means things are lookin' good.

    @ Nikki: I agree. Then again, I think every situation does.

    @ Sprite: Thanks.

    @ The Schweitzers: That's actually the homework. They challenged me to figure out the correct answer for the second interview. They also did swear me to secrecy, but I kinda want to see if I can figure the answer without help. Don't worry. I'll reveal it after the second interview. There are answers I dared not put in there. Too out there.

    @ Pickleope: I like to call it: Getting it wrong with redeemable style.

    @ AC: They're getting a little more twisted with these interviews, aren't they?

  9. I told you to research the dumb ass questions you get asked. You will do fine with interview 2. Just go in with the attitude that you have nothing to lose. Hugs xox

  10. @ Nubian: Right. Hug them. Gotcha. Can't hurt, right?


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