Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unanswered Questions

I saw this posted on the notice board in the kitchen at work:

Since I saw it, this sign has been all I could think about. It has filled me with questions. In fact, my mind has been swarming with questions that I simply cannot come up with the answers to.

I wonder:

  • I do not own a vehicle. If I were still interested, what would happen then?
  • If there were consequences, would they be the same if I had a vehicle, but wasn't interested?
  • Could I still qualify if I lacked either or both? If so, how?
  • Did you even notice that missing “E”? Or did you choose to ignore it? Perhaps this is your way of exerting your own free will and taking a stand against the confines of oppressive social norms and conventions...

       And proper spelling.

  • Are there guidelines for what I should be interested in? Could it be music or poetry or butterflies?
  • What are the rules exactly?
  • Have you succeeded in the art of dressing yourself yet?
  • What level of management are you currently working in? It's a small company so I know we've met, but this note could have come from any one of you.
  • Was the pink highlighter your first choice or did you line them all up in a row and select one at random. Or was some sort of process of elimination used, perhaps?
  • Does it hurt when the doctor drops you on your head at birth? I've always wondered about this as I don't know how developed our senses are so early in life. I'm sure it's possible for one to remember an experience so profound. Do you?
  • I noticed that the word “with” is the only word that is not in uppercase letters. What message are you trying to send us?

So many questions left unanswered by your message.

I will find you.

I must know.


  1. My conclusion is this is an ad for online dating with cars. You know, THOSE people who fall in love with inanimate objects?

    Yeah. That's what this is for.

    ツ my cyber house rules

  2. You've exhausted quite the list of possibilities, and yet it still feels completely unclear...
    this person must either be insane or evil genius, sitting back at desk cackling to themself?

  3. I must agree with Nikki Rules on this one.

    Or it could be that mysterious poet that puts Dr. C in a rabid tizz when he leaves his heartfelt words on overpasses.

  4. Deep and meaningful.
    Does it give any further instructions?
    What was the question?

  5. It looks like the small "with" was an afterthought.

    I can see how this left you with more questions than answers...

  6. I'm with Meri...evil genius LOL

    funny post,love it :)

  7. This is awesome. This stopped me in my tracks too. You MUST leave a message underneath that is just as freakishly cryptic. Or just add "out" to with and enhance its nonsensical nature. Or maybe leave a phone number underneath but use 6 digits instead of 7. Or sign it Lewis Carroll! Then see what happens and blog about it.

  8. most likely from a corporate VP.

  9. @ Nikki: Hmm. A date you can pay for their meal & gas money in one go. They could be on for something.

    @ Meri: This could really be the work of some insane evil genius. If so, heaven help us all.

    @ Nubian: Gasp!!! The great modern poet not only here on these shores but working in the same company as me? The prospect is too much for words.

    @ AC: Alas, no the message only stops at these few words… I fear the mystery may continue to elude me.

    @ Alittlesprite: “ANYONE INTRESTED VEHICLES” This could mean that we’re actually being alerted to vehicles that are expressing interest. This changes everything!

    @ IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY: If it is, there must be some really evil plan afoot for them to be sticking it out here.

    @ dbs: Good idea. I’m tempted to try it. Additionally, I checked back & did see a phone number scribbled below. Ironically, it was illegible.

    @ pattypunker: I agree. This seems to be right within their scope of intelligence.

  10. What's important is that it's open to anyone. Imagine how you'd feel if you were interested with vehicles and it were only open to someone who wasn't you.

  11. @ tattytiara: Excellent point! It shows that, whoever the sender is, they show no discrimination to you once you meet the entry requirements.

  12. I think it's an artistic statement on the decline of society. The words aren't important. The medium itself is the message. It's not even posed as a question. It's a declaration of this individual's right to say "Anyone Intrested with Vehicles". I give it a 10. :)

  13. I think Nenette is on to something. It's contemporary art: the meaning of the nonsense of the meaning.

  14. This note is very concerning. I do, in fact, come with a vehicle but I don't think I would be interested in someone who feels the need to ostracize the vehicleless.

    I mean, shouldn't class distinctions be abolished? Who is this would be segregator? Will the vehicle challenged suddenly be relegated to the back of the bus even though the bus should be their domain?

    This is an outrage. I'm going to start a petition. Anyone interested withOUT vehicles?

  15. I seriously chuckled the whole way through. What was that note supposed to mean? and really, a pink highlighter. I looked at it for a whilte, thinking he/she may have been answering questions to someone. But my honest guess is that he (I suppose 'he' because men are stupid) started with:
    Anyone interested vehicles?

    Then he realized that it made no sense, and thought that if he threw in a 'with' in the largest white space, it would make more sense.

    If you have a better hypothesis I'd like to know, because this is the best I've got.

  16. and i decided I could let you be the only one doing the stalking... so i am here and following. :-)

  17. @ Nenette & AC: It seems I may have been underestimating this person. We may actually have a true genius in our midst.

    @ Nari: Being vehicleless, I would sigh that.

    @ paulsifer: Actually, the idea that he (or she – let’s not get gender biased here) is actually stupid make quite a lot of sense. Until further investigations are completed, we can only theorize at this point.

  18. @ Overthinking Mama: Sweet! Welcome to you.


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