Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only A Little Bit Overdue

First things first. I'm an MVP!

See? Peachy says so. Who needs to be all big and athletic? I earned this baby without using any performance enhancing drugs (No, coffee doesn't count), or getting any painful injuries (I've avoided carpal tunnel so far) or being super rich...or having schools and sneakers and stuff named after me...

Where was I? Oh yeah! In your face various sporting institutions! Booyah!!! (*does ridiculous looking victory dance, pours cooler of Gatorade on Mrs. C, sleeps on couch tonight*)

Now, I know there are no tasks involved like linking back but I'm gonna anyway (I'm such a rebel. Sometimes I scare myself). Check out both ThePeachy1's blogs: Being Peachy and The Pits of Being Peachy because she's awesome and wicked funny.

Thanks Peachy!


Next on the agenda: A while ago I said something to someone. My words were: "We're starting a petition to get the authorities to have you set-up a blog so you can get some of these too. We've almost got all the signatures." The "these" I was referring to were blog awards and, with the petition filled, the constant peer pressure and even the help of magical fairy chants, by gum, the blog was born. With such big talk, I'd be remiss if I failed to live up to my end.

This blogger, though the blog itself is brand new, has been making me laugh with an unending flurry of witty comments on other blogs I follow. I was honored when those witty remarks started showing up on my blog as well. His blog itself is already off to a great start stimulating some great diablogues (a wordfuse courtesy of dbs from think.stew).

So now, without further ado, Antares Cryptos! COME ON DOWN!!! You're next proud recipient of:

Created by Nikki of my cyber house rules this award is bestowed upon commenters (It's about time blogger added this word to their dictionary, don't you think?) who's comments make you laugh, fall out of your chair, spit coffee onto your computer screen or accidentally almost drown yourself in it from the funny and witty comments they leave on your posts. AC is one of those commenters. Even before he started his blog he has been leaving some of the funniest comments I've seen. Now that he's got his blog started so it's only he be awarded for all the laughter he's brought

This award does some rules but they're pretty easy as awards go (Since he's just out the gate I'll go easy)In Nikki's own words: "If you accept the award, please thank me (the person who gave it to); please re-gift it and offer it to those who make you laugh on your blog and answer this simple question: do your witty answers pop instantly in your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?"

See? Easy. So, AC, come claim your first, and by no means last, blog award. You've earned it. As for me, I'm going to go ice my wrists.


  1. *TAG* You're it! Don't blame me, you're just one of my favorites, I couldn't help it. I'll be back to comment later.

  2. I am horrible at the awards thing, but how thoughtful of you to give your new bloggy friend one.

    It was like 10 blogging years before I got one and now they are like rabbits fucking in my inbox.

    *washes mouth out with soap*

  3. The amount of blog awards has now replaced the 'six-inches-when-folded-baby' speech. At least I have visual proof of the blog awards...

  4. Congratulations on your most spectacular Super Blog Bowl award! An MVP Award no less and it doesn't even come with rules or anything. You really are my hero!

    Commenter / Commentor is in MY dictionary I have no idea what the hell is wrong with Blogger's.

  5. @ Oilfield Trash: Thanks, man.

    @ Nari: Ow! Why'd you hit me? Oh, I'm it. Okay, who do I...

    Where'd everybody go?

    @ We'll call it a coincidence what you said about what the rabbits were doing & where they were doing it, 'k.

    @ Nubian: Yeah. My blog awards open to a whole page when you click it.

    Let's pretend I never said that.

    @ Nari: While they're updating, they need to add blogspot too. Who's getting paid to manage this stuff?

  6. well deserved vinny! you're one of my favorite commenters on my blog and many others i see you on.

    ps: you may need a wrist brace. the ice only works for a little bit.

  7. You totally earned that. You rock hard, like the Scorpions and shit. The bestest awards have no dirty deeds attached. So rock on with your big bad trophy.

  8. Congratulations!
    Vinny you totally deserve it. LOL. Does the fluorescent stuff stain?
    *blink*. Not again.
    Toggles through knife, gun, SMG(empty), rocket launcher, pack of gum(OMGWTF?!), back to knife.
    "Reflex X". *closes window*

  9. Vinny. Dude. Thank you. I'm so copying and pasting what you said.

    "honored"? Dude. You write well, you make me laugh and I was ready to buy your lung, cause mine was useless at the time too.
    *awkward silence* *stares at carpet*

    Comments: Spontaneous when it comes to humor, whatever pops into my head, even when it's totally goofy and I sound like I'm pre-teen (good times). Hit submit, before I change my mind.

    I'll be back to pick it up, when RL calms down (Feb is crazy busy, but good busy).

    Don't have time to negotiate with blogger right now. "I told you to put it here." "NO" "Why not?" "I donno........go find out"

    Oh and Vinny. Don't think you'll escape my payback post, I'm concocting some awards myself in my secret lab.

    3.2.1: Buahahahaha!

    Gotta go. It's past my nap time.:)

  10. @ pattypunker: Gotcha. Wrist brace. I'm on it.

    @ The Peachy1: *does air guitar solo*

    @ AC: So sorry. The correct answer was the gum. Yeah. It's always the weapon that you least expect to work.

    Also @ AC: You deserve it. I guess I deserve whatever I've brought upon myself too, huh?

  11. Grats to you! And grats to AC - he definitely leaves some great comments!

  12. There's always a diablogue with Antares Cryptos (and sometimes I have to google his references because I'm kinda stupid.) Good work Vinny.

  13. YAY for your award. You totally deserve it. AND the sleeping on the lounge part;)

    As for Ant, way to catch him totally unprepaired! *evil snigger*
    I was wondering when someone would give him an award. It's nice to see his blog on such a roll.

    lol@dbs I have to google some of his references to :)

  14. @Dr. Cyn-are you implying that my one post is less than "great"? *raises one eyebrow*

    @dbs-level 1 of my master plan is already working.......
    BTW, no one buys that self-deprecating *mocking*: "I have my own dictionary, but I'm not that bright..."

    @Sprite, "when"????? It's been less than a month!!!!
    Did you just call me archaic, Ms. Kitana?

    @Vinny, what was that you said about DIABLOGUE? I'm just sayin.

    Hey, WV is talking to me again: "kinges". Bwuhahahahahahahah.

  15. My next WV is "sitin", could not pass that up.

  16. Well. looks my responses were taken care of.


    @ Dr. Cynicism: Thanks.

    @ dbs & Sprite: I sometimes have google my own comments. Hope that makes you feel better.

    @ AC: If the next one looks like "thrones" then there's obviously something to look into.

  17. Yup. The mental asylum for megalomaniacs.

  18. Seeking permission to be less narcissistic in my next post.
    Thank you again. :)


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