Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Thoughts Of A Sleep Deprived Mind.

For those of you who have noticed my lack of posting this week, I've been in the midst of end of semester exams. For those of you who haven't, well... I haven't been posting this week... because of... exams.

I recently finished a final project for one of my classes which kept me up until 4:30am and I haven't had chance to get a full night's sleep since.

I think that is the reason I've had all kinds of random things bouncing around my head that I thought I could slap together were funny enough to make a post. Kinda like my old "Random Tuesday Thought" posts I used to do back in the day.

I blame sleep deprivation for what comes next...

- The other day I was folding a shirt when I realized it was inside out. The first thing I thought about was hitting the "Undo" button. That's when I realized I've probably been spending too much time at the computer. Then the next thing I thought of was to blog about it.

- We've been battling a serious ant infestation in our home. I think they're winning. The other morning they scored a victory by getting inside our electric kettle's wiring and rendering it useless. Don't ask me how.

- I learned the other day that two jumbo hot dogs are my limit. I know. I’m a total lightweight. I was able to figure this out very out soon after jumbo hot dog number four.

Not a good day.

- Up the street there's a yard with two really big dogs. I think one of is mixed with a smaller breed because his front legs are noticeably shorter than his back legs. I call him Dogosaurus Rex. He amuses me.

I miss those RTT days.

I'd say I need a nap but I'm actually about to leave for work. Plus, this is a six-day work week for me and I still have a Math assignment and two exams left.



  1. Holy crap, sir. That's a mighty workload. Good luck with all of it. And on top of it you have ant-saboteurs. Remember, alcohol is always there to help you sleep...Probably not the best advice.

  2. Pictures of said dog? My chihuahua once tried to mate with a sheep dog. Oh how I wish they had puppies...

  3. Something tells me your boss is going to LOVE your articles this week. Bonus is he says "Oh Vinny, can you write up a front page exposure in depth article on maximum amount of jumbo dogs a dogosaurus rex can eat in one sitting?" Kawabunga! That would be sweeeeet!

  4. Sprinkle Comet or Ajax around the outside of your apartment and under you sink... burns the ants feet.

  5. @Nubian, *shakes head*, burning little feet with bleach...

    They don't like crossing chalk. You could draw a big circle around your place...uummm...but that might actually keep them in.

    Oh, yeah. Salt keeps the demons out.

    You're funny when tired. Hope you get some rest soon.

  6. @ Pickleope: No, no! It's good advice. I must have foresaw you giving it because I already have a head start in implementing said action.

    @ Lost: I'll try, but Dogosaurus Rex doesn't come out in the front yard very often. I think he's got low self esteem... And a low nose to the ground.

    Your chihuahua is very ambitious.

    @ Nikki: Actually, I'm currently on a story called "The Missing Link -How The Dogosaurus Rex Was Lost In Time." Pulitzer material for sure.

    @ Nubian: Actually, burning their feet is better than my plan to impale the heads of the fallen ones in teeny pikes to scare their comrades off.

    @ AC: *See above* Also, whether drawing a giant chalk circle around the place keeps them out or traps them isn't my main concern. It's the dealing with the neighbors who'll think were loonies, I'm worried about.

  7. I was up until 4 am this morning. Which may explain the quality of that Penwasser family newsletter.

  8. @ Al: No need to apologize. That was genius! Sleep deprivation can inspire greatness sometimes.


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