Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Changing The Detour.

I've made a slight change to how things operate with linking my Sprocket Ink posts from here. As much as I know you enjoy my little pseudo posts to send you over there when I have a post up, I've decided to put the kibosh on those.

But fear not, I bring you an alternative that I think works better. See my official Sprocket correspondent's badge over to the right? Now, if you click on it, it'll take you directly to the last post I did there. See? It even says that it links to my most recent post there right above it.

Oh! By the way...

I've got a new post on Sprocket Ink again today. It's about what the folks at Fox Business think of Hollywood. Click here and check it out.

Okay, that was the last time. I promise.


  1. Well as long as it's the last time...


  2. @ ALL: My bad. Technical difficulties have been sorted out. All links are now fully functional.


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