Friday, December 30, 2011

Insert Funny Here.

I saw this in a local newspaper last week. Just to get it out of the way, yes, they were being sold as food. No, I’ve never had the (dis)pleasure.

But still, grim fate of these reptiles aside, the picture is funny. There are so many things I could say about this picture. But I prefer to let you guys have a go at it.

Think of it as a caption game.

Feel free to play along.


  1. After years of failed attempts and severed tails, cops finally bust the infamous "Iguana Brothers" gang.

  2. when the wrong parties were arrested in the illegal iguana fighting ring, the police added yet another embarrassment to their already extensive list of screwups.

  3. Now this is some hardcore planking!

  4. In Bad Taste:

    Local entrepreneur offers Iguanopsicles.

    Read more on page 456...

  5. FOOD?! Only if Paula Dean is cooking.

  6. Conversations on a clear night

    "Hey Dude, I see Uranus."
    "Ha, pass the peyote"
    "So many stars"

  7. You have a hilarious blog going here! Thanks for the laugh :)

  8. After staring at it for about 10 minutes, I just gave up. Yet for some reason I decided to tell you that in this comment...

  9. All I can think of is that Godzilla is going to be pissed!...

  10. @ Lost: I heard they put up quite a fight.

    @ Dinah: That's so close to true it's almost not funny. Almost

    @ Q: Everybody's doing it.

    @ AC: speaking of bad taste, I'll pass on this product.

    @ dbs: Paula and her butter will fix anything!

    @ Nubian: Bwahahaha!!!

    @ BragonDorn: Thanks. And thanks for the follow too.

    @ Dr. Cynicism: Wait! We can do that?

    @ Sprite: Those kids of his are always getting in trouble.

  11. Too early... Monday morning... Need coffee....

    (That's not my caption. That's my lame excuse for why I can't come up with anything...)


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