Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Isn't Funny.

By not funny, I'm talking about my post on Sprocket Ink, that is. I'm putting funny shoes and balloon animals aside for a bit to talk about sports... Well, not really. It's more like an ongoing scandal in the sporting world. I'm not all that into organized sports, but I just had to say something on this one. Check it out.

Also, I created this Google+ page and I guess I should get to using it. So, if you're on Google+ you could... you know... add me to your circles... if you like. Just sayin'.

But go over to Sprocket first. That one's important. Then do the Google+ thing. Remember! First, Sprocket, then Google+. In that order.

'K, bye!


  1. The internet is making it SO easy for me to get my stalk on. I am now one of your bitches in G+ land.

  2. I'm holding out for Google-

  3. don't hold oyur breathe - nobody uses Google +

  4. @ Nubian: I can always trust in you.

    @ dbs: Ha! Nice one.

    @ Littlejohn: Bu-but... I made a page... *pout*


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