Monday, November 28, 2011

Reconsidering [WARNING: There’s A Picture Of A Really Big S.N.A.K.E.]

You were warned…

Even here in the tropics you can get tired of the city life sometimes. When that happens, I imagine things would be better if we moved to country…

Then someone posts a picture like this on Facebook

I don’t know if this really was taken here.

Frankly, I don’t want to know.


  1. All I've got is...Oh Shit...
    If I looked out my window and saw that, The house would be packed and movers here before my hubby got home from work.
    Where we moving? any friggin place but here!!!!!

  2. Just tell yourself that's an earthworm in a house plant. You'll be fine.

    And WOW that sounds like a "that's what she said!" I didn't even mean it that way...

  3. I don't want to know either. Too freaky.

  4. ooo..!! it's just like the Australian "Drop Bear" only reptilian...

  5. @ hisqueen: I'm pretty sure my wife & I would be in agreement in the moving plans too.

    @ Lost: Actually, the snake is so huge, the first thing I told myself was, "I think that snake has a tree on it."

    @ dbs: I wouldn't doubt it. I heard this story from an uncle once. He was driving through the hills late at night and... At first he thought it was a big tree that fell across the road... Until he got out of his car to investigate and it started to move.

    @ Sprite: Bears... that... drop? From trees?

  6. holy..... wow. that's one bad a snake

  7. @ Sprite: *faints*

    @ Littlejohn: Totally! If that thing decided to move into our backyard, it could have the whole property. No arguments. We'd move.

  8. SICK! That would have me running. Fast. Far. Away.


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