Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Vinny Goes Random

On my way home from work, I don't know why, but I was struck with few random thoughts that for some even stranger reason I thought I'd share.
(Of course, the credit must go to Keely: The UnMom who totally owns - in every sense of the word - Random Tuesday Thoughts):

- When you think about, the only difference between doves and pigeons is that doves got better press.

-Why isn't the neighbor's dog running up and barking like wants to rip out my throat anymore? Was it something I said?

- There's an LDS church close to where I work. The other day I noticed a basketball post in the courtyard and I thought to myself, Mormons play basketball? Then I felt bad for thinking it.

- I want to grow a mustache for Movember next year... But, first, I have to grow some balls and stand up to my wife when she says no again.

- I'm pretty sure that fourth cup of coffee was overdoing it.

- I realized recently that I work five minutes away from where I go to school which, in turn, is five minutes from where my wife goes to work. I figure if I suddenly make a break for the beach that that giant white bubble thing from "The Prisoner" will come after me.

Well, I've thoroughly exorcised the randomness from my head and it's time to actually start paying attention to my lecturer before Rover (yes, the big white bubble actually has a name) comes along.


  1. Don't you hate when your wife says no? This happens to me too, a lot (read between the lines).

  2. I'm happy I don't have a wife show says no to me a lot. Wait a minute... I wish my husband was glad he didn't have a wife that said no a lot. Wait another minute... What am I saying?

  3. I have no idea how my "who" became a "show" but it makes my comment sound even more neurotic than it was intended to!

  4. Yer blowing my mind, man. That's some quality Random, there. Well played.

  5. So awesome. I'm a Mormon, so it's especially funny that you A) Thought we didn't play basketball and B) Felt bad that you thought we didn't. The rest are good too, that one just made me laugh the most.

  6. Loving the Mormon basketball.

    I am guessing that if you grow the mustache you will be sleeping on the sofa for the month of November? Make sure you have a supply of Hot Pockets to keep you company. ;)

  7. @ dbs: Know that I feel your pain, brother. We should form a club... Think they'll let us.

    @ Miss Nikki: Enjoy the power you wield for now. One day the revolution will come... and die when the women threaten to withhold sex. But, for those 3.8 seconds, we'll have stood up for ourselves.

    @ Didactic Pirate: Why, thank you. But, in truth, the thanks go to that 4th cup of coffee. I think my facial expression resembled yours from that pic in your last post - the serial killer one.

    @ Paulsifer42: I'm glad that my crazy thoughts weren't received the wrong way. Especially since I didn't think that there'd be Mormon blog...

    I feel bad again.

    @ Nubian: If that were to happen I think I'd probably survive. Truth be told, a healthy supply of Hot Pockets, coffee & WoW almost totally nullifies the desire for sex.

  8. Yea, I threw out a guffaw at the mormon basketball thing too... until you made me feel awkward about it. So on second thought, I didn't laugh at that at all!

  9. @ Dr. Cynicism: Yup, that's me - Creating awkward situations since 1978... I should put that on a t-shirt.

  10. Man, what does everyone think of us? We've gotta get out more... :D


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