Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Crime Of Fashion.

In my last post I made mention of men wearing skinny capri jeans. This proved to be a claim so outlandish that the mere idea of such a thing existing sparked confusion and doubt and an overwhelming demand (actually it was just one person, but she was demanding nonetheless) for proof of my claim. In an effort to provide such proof and kill some time restore my honor, I set out on my mission. Risking life and limb, I scoured the city streets.

Surprisingly, at first, I wasn't having much luck. After two days of searching I was almost fooled into believing that the fad was either dead or dying. Unfortunately, I was soon informed that it was still alive and well amongst the teenager population and could be frequently sighted around local malls and movie theaters on the weekends.

My search continued. I researched earlier sightings:
Initial sightings, like this taken by my younger sister at a local bank a few months back, were of poor quality similar to recorded images of UFO's, Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster leading many to believe the whole idea of men in skinny capris was some elaborate hoax.

Refusing to give up (and not really feeling a trip to the mall this weekend) I continued my search. Until...


Today, my search came to an end. This sighting provides undeniable proof of the existence of the dreaded mens' skinny capri jeans...

See for yourselves:

GAAAAH!!! This one's got cuffs!
And, there you have it... Heaven help us all!!!


  1. I just learned that when you people fashion watch it is called Fashion Globilization. True! Men in capris is without a doubt not an inch near as bad as girls who think they are cute wearing jeggings which in actual fact, really, really should not.

  2. I'll admit I had to look up jeggings. I've seen those too... unfortunately.

  3. I must admit I really enjoyed visualizing you on this little reconnaissance mission. That's funny dude.

  4. @dbs: Thanks. That makes all the hiding behind tall bushes & lamp posts worth the effort.

  5. Dude. They are all over Chelsea and they FRIGHTEN me. Just do the shorts or the pants, dude. Hell, I'd rather you wear a skirt. Just not, for the love of God, the skinny capris.

  6. @ Elly Lou: The weird part is most of these guys have girlfriends clamped on their arms. I think when these girls get together they laugh with each other & say: Can you believe I actually got him to wear it? In public?

  7. AWESOME! I really really really wish I coulda seen you in hide-out mode snagging these pics! Really cool. There was a comedian (don't remember who) that claimed how capris are ugly, no matter how hot (the woman) is, capris are ugly. Now they are uglier. I totally dig the skinny (I'm a retro punk from the 80s and am so glad they came back) but they look bad as capris... Thanks for posting, you rule!


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