Friday, October 29, 2010

Social Interaction - Meeting People On The Street.

About Four Or Five Months Ago, While On My Way Home From Work...

Guy walks up to me: Aye, man.
Me: (Do I know him? He looks like he knows me. He's smiling like he's glad to see me. He's even got this expectant look like I'm supposed to, like, remember his name or something. CRAP! I'm so bad at remembering people.) Oh! Heeeeey.... man.
Guy: How you doin'?
Me: Good... good. (Shit! He's still here. I wasn't expecting human interaction now. I was in my happy place. I'm off guard. I haven't prepared. Oh, well. Might as well come out with it.) Sorry, where do I know you from again? I'm bad at remembering people.
Guy: Didn't you go to El-Do? (short name of a local secondary school.)
Me: No. I went to -- (the School for Idiots, apparently).
Guy: Oh, so you know -- (Can't remember the name he said. Didn't know him anyway).
Me: Nope.
Guy: Anyhow, you got a five I could borrow.
Me: (You have got to be kidding me! You added five more minutes of awkward to my already awkward-full life for this?! We've never even met before, have we? I bet there isn't even a what's-his-name who ever attended old SfI, is there?) Nah, sorry.
Guy: Alright, later.
Me: (Not if I can help it.) Later.
(Where was I? Oh yeah, happy place)...

Nagrand Is So Pretty At Night

I quickly put that incident behind me and life went on... Until about a month ago. I was getting into a taxi to get to work and someone called out, "Aye, short man!"
I immediately thought, "Why, I'm a somewhat vertically challenged male. Perhaps I am the one being addressed."
I look up and sure enough, there he is, with his hey-we-know-each-other grin. Obviously he decided to work a different part of the city and change shifts to maximize profit. I get into the taxi and continue in my way.

Really! Does this guy think that I'm such a gullible idiot that I'd fall for the same trick twice? Is there some kind of sign on me telling con-artists they can waste my time? I spent half that morning annoyed because of him.

Yesterday, While Waiting For A Friend After Work...

Another guy walks up to me: Hey
Me: (Huh? Do I know him? He looks like he knows me. He's smiling like he's glad to see me. CRAP! I'm so bad at remembering people.) Heeeeey.... man....


  1. A Nelf? I'm disappointed Vinny... Also, you're not helping me stay away from WoW. I'm getting the itch again.

  2. @Dr. Cynicism: I know but he was my first toon. There's a sentimental attachment. Don't worry. WoW references will be few & far between from here on in. I taking a break, too... sigh...

  3. No, no breaks of WoW ~ sex and coffee yes, no WoW, k, understood?

    Hey Vinnie C, got a five I could borrow?

  4. Just found this ~

    At least you and Dr. C are married, I am somehow thinking this may end up being my future daughter in law.

  5. @ Nubian: 1. Way to be the little devil (or is it succubus minion) on my shoulder.

    2. Sure. Just so you know $5 in my local currency is equal to about $0.79... You're quite welcome.

    3. She seems - um - nice. Hope I get an invite to the wedding.

  6. My problem is I'm usually drunk when I meet people so follow up meetings are always awkward.

    "Hey nice to meet you!"

    "We've met three times already."

    "Were all three times in a bar?"

  7. @ BugginWord: Well at least being drunk is an acceptable excuse. What do I say, "Oh, I'm sorry. Going to school together for five years & making-out after graduation isn't enough for me to consider you worthy of remembering."?


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