Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is Nothing Sacred?

Received an interesting email this morning. Based on the expert use of grammar I'm inclined to believe that either Blizzard's now hiring five-year olds to send out correspondences or I'm possibly in the process of being hacked:

Hi (Not actual email address but what I believe they meant)
 This is Blizzard Entertainment's apology, we acknowledge a mistake, for you to lose the World of Warcraft account in order to recover our losses, we will give you 10000 gold coins free of charge and rare mounts a (celestial steed), I hope you can restart
the game. Login website authentication, 48 hours you will receive compensation

Confirm your account information . You will get the Cataclysm Beta Test invitation or the Trial Mounts
Description: test account and permanently disabled can not compensation

Well I know what that means: Anti-spyware to run, accounts to manage and passwords to change - can't be too careful. Guess I've got some work to do.


  1. How sad is it that I actually understood what you were talking about (with regards to WOW). Yup I am a Mom of a level 80 18 year old. ;)

  2. @ Nubian: Lvl 80, huh? You & my wife should meet one day so you can trade horror stories. Oh, and thanks for following.


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