Friday, October 22, 2010

Dude, You Know. You Just Know.

I'm battling two days of severe sleep deprivation – details of which I will provide once I can coherently form complete sentences and, no, it isn't from anything wild, crazy, passionate or fun. But in the midst of my caffeine filled haze I mentally complied some recent & way past experiences and came up with something I call:

Dude, You Know. You Just Know.

You know you're getting older when... you see on the old fb that your twelve year old niece has added jerkin' to her likes and you have to look in up before calling her mother.

You also know you're getting older when... you actually have to stretch first... for everything!

You know you're in love when ... you're both sitting on the couch at her place one evening late. She snuggles against you as you put your arm around her and, before you realize it, she's asleep. You look at her, so calm and at peace. She feels safe in your arms. Then... a tiny construction crew with not so tiny jackhammers gets to work in her nasal passage... And you don't run away.

You know the relationship is solid when... an argument ends like:

You: Bitch!
Her: Asshole!
You: ...
Her: … (scowl)
You: Wanna...? (do head-point gesture towards the bed) Y'know.
Her: … 'K... But you're still an asshole.


  1. Dude, about getting older... don't get me started. Talk to me when you lose your hair.
    (Still a great post, though.)

    P.S. I'm your newest follower.

  2. @ Didactic Pirate: I'm honored. I'm already a fan of yours. Think I'm safe on the hair thing, though. Apparently I come from a long line of sasquatch - on my father's side.

  3. I just googled jerkin'

    I'm old. My older nieces are in their 20s, buying homes and talking about making babies. My husband talks about retirement and having me shave his ear hair. I'm old...


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