Monday, October 18, 2010

Mon-day: A Parody

This weekend I was went on office lime (Trini talk for get-together) and as I sat there looking around at all the people I share my work-week with I just felt inspired. The way I see it, with all our differences there’s one thing that connects us – and all working stiffs doing a nine-to-five:

Wake up Monday morning feelin' really shitty.
Wanna stick my head outside my window and yell, "F--- THIS CITY!!!"
Instead, stagger outta bed and hit the can.
That's when I realize that I overslept again.

So I take a shower & throw on my clothes (clothes)
Clean the crud from my eyes and nose (nose)
Gonna miss the bus, I just know.
I’m still hung over from last night’s binge
I’ll never drink tequila again
Never drink tequila again (Probably drink tequila again)

Don’t start! Back up off me
I’m not in the mood today
Till I get some coffee
Just stay outta my way
Mon-day is here
And I’m already late. I gotta go o o-o (go o o-o)

Now as I step into the office they all stop & stare
That’s when I realize that I forgot to comb my hair
So I run up to the washroom to run my fingers through
Dry it off with a paper towel. That’ll have to do

Then I hurry back to my desk (desk)
Supervisor’s givin’ me stress (stress)
Co-worker’s bein’ a pest
Gotta get to the meeting fast
Worried that Ke$ha gonna sue my ass
Ke$ha, please sue my ass.


I watch the clock
Put my head down
It’s only a quarter to three

Four more days again
‘Til the weekend
Man I can’t wait ‘til Friday

Watch the clock again
I'm considering
Throwin' my desk phone out a window

Four more days again
‘Til the weekend
Man I can’t wait ‘til Friday

Then this weekend I’m gonna party again


the end...

I’m currently in negotiations with Mrs. C to provide vocals. The current offer on the table is 95% of my monthly paycheck. Wish me luck.

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