Monday, July 23, 2012

The Obligatory "Writer's Block" Post.

I know! I know! I've been gone almost two weeks without a word. I think that's actually a new record for me. I blame it on that damn blinking cursor that greets me when I open up my 'Compose' screen. Pretentious little sonofabitch, huh? I just got tired of staring at that thing. I mean it just sits there, mocking me... blinking. Daring me and jeering me. It says, "Go ahead! Write something. Bet you can't. Bet you just sit there and do nothing."

I hate that cursor.

As you're well aware, it's an unofficial rule when you have a blog is that you should write on said blog from time to time. It's kind of expected, to be honest. Darn rules! I wish I could say it's because I've been sooo damn busy that I've barely had time to breath, let along write, but the truth of the matter is I've hardly been doing much of anything.

Besides staring at a blinking cursor, that is.

Actually, that's kind of the problem. It's hard to relay my new adventures when I haven't been having any. Sitting at home all day doesn't exactly provide much in the way of blog fodder.

I know what you're going to say, "But, Vinny, what about Sprocket Ink? You've still been writing over at Sprocket Ink."

Yes, I have. So, technically, I guess I don't really have writer's block... Wait! You guys have been checking out my posts over at Sprocket, have you?


I... I don't believe this. How..? Why..? Don't make me use my signature "Scowl of Disapproval".
There's still chance to redeem yourselves. I put in an extra post today (Sorry. Site's gone now). It's up right now and don't forget tomorrow's post too. Don't make me give you the other half of that scowl.

Anyway, I figure if I could waste your time with the last few paragraphs just writing about my inability to write then I'm full of it I can snap out of it. Expect me back... soon.


  1. I could have written a lot of this myself, but then that would mean I didn't have writer's block and then it wouldn't have made any sense. My point is that I'm in the same boat 99 percent of the time. I'm boring and don't have exciting adventures to relay, I can write for work just fine (relatively speaking-BORing) but when it comes to the blog? Crickets.

    Don't sweat it. See? No one else has left you. Homies bring the love when you bring the words whenever that is.

    1. Good to know. Secret fear: If I stop posting long enough, everyone will go away & find something else to do & not come back. Crazy, right?


  2. Ok, ok, I'll do it, stop scowling! I'm going over there now. Man, if you ever have kids, that is the look you should give them that look when they start acting, well like kids.

    1. They're the ones I'm practicing the scowl for.

  3. Two words to help you with the writer's block: wine popsicles.

  4. It's a blogging conundrum... The more you've got happening in your life, the less time you have to blog about it. But the less you've got happening the more time you've got yet less to say... *sigh*


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