Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Another Random Weekend Wrap-Up.

It has been some time since I did one of these wrap-up posts, but there were a few loose ends I wanted to tie up. Plus a few random updates:

- First let me take a moment to say a special thank you to those of you who have clicked on that follow button in the past few weeks. I feel awesome and you all are awesome for making me feel awesome.


- By the way, in case you were wondering, I'm still unemployed. While I tried not to let getting fired from the paper draw get to me, the fact that working there sucked so hard did make me (briefly) doubt my resolve towards journalism. But only briefly. I've been sending out applications like crazy, but so far, crickets.

- I visited the parents on Friday. I have to admit I don't go see them as much as I should. As a result, Momma C has resorted to some shrewd tactics to lure me over.

Momma C: So when am I seeing you?
Me: I dunno. I'll let you know.
Momma C: Uh-huh. I've heard that before. Well, you better not take too long. The mango tree in the front yard - you know, the Julie-mango tree - is just so full this season. "Julies" are your favorite, aren't they? (she knows they are.)
Me: Yeah.
Momma C: Thought so. Anyway, The neighbours have been helping themselves to the ones hanging over into the street, but I picked some and set them aside for you.
Me: Thanks.
Momma C: But you know your nephew and nieces will finish them off if you don't get here soon. Diva (aka Mrs. C) loves "Julies" too, doesn't she?

As you can see, I didn't really have a chance. So, like I said, on Friday I went over... and I came back with these:
I know! Those are a whole lot of mangoes.
With all these mangoes, Mrs. C decided to take the opportunity to get creative. She got out her trusty blender and tossed a few in along with some watermelon and paw paw (some of you may know it as papaya) and voilà!
Mmmmmm... Fruity goodness!
What can I say? She loves juicing stuff. We still have enough left over to last us a while but if we aren't tired of mangoes by the the time they're done, the folks have the hook-up.
Some of what I didn't take that day.
Just the excuse Momma C needs to get me to visit more often. At least until mango season passes.


While we're here, Let's go over the stuff I posted during the week. Shall we? First, let's start with some posts I did right here:
- It all began on Monday. Once again, I used the World of Warcraft to illustrate the issue of my diminutive stature. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But I am short, and so is Mrs. C. Only she doesn't like to talk about it  (FYI - She did eventually find the post).

- On Thursday, there was a pseudo-post to lead you to another post to talk about pseudo-porn on a pseudo-porn site. Believe me, it's not as confusing as it sounds.

- Finally, on Friday, I drew a simple cartoon to illustrate some my struggle a particular form of exercise.

Now it's on to Sprocket Ink:
As always, I have my Tuesday and Thursday slots of new-meets-snarky goodness.

- Tuesday's post looked into the ill-conceived idea of Japanese group to use a cartoon depicting a wife's level of anger as a representation of dangerous nuclear radiation levels.

- Then on Thursday I explored PETA's new .xxx adult website. There I made the disappointing discovery that this X-rated site actually had nothing X-rated on it. Not even a single nipple! Well... if you look really hard you can kinda see Ron Jeremy's but I ain't gonna. I also introduce the phrase "PETA Pocket Porn" which I may copyright if I'm not too lazy.

And that's what what I've been up to. I'll go have me a mango now.


  1. Okay Peta Pocket Porn is clever.... however I do think they have totally undermined the "xxx" web host address for the true legitimate classy pornographers out there....

    1. Plus the fact that actual porn stars are in on it just makes it worse.

  2. Being unemployed sucks big time. I finally gave up and escaped where I can eat for so much cheaper and live without any living expenses, but this dream is about to end. I'm going to have to face that rejection thing again. Ugh.

    1. Yeah... job hunting... good times.

  3. Mrs. C needs to get her own blog so we can hear the real stories..
    I hope she whipped out a pair of those killer heels to teach you a lesson about posting anything regarding her height.
    Fresh Mango!! I've never had one since where we live has everything imported. Enjoy them!!!

    1. I am enjoying. As for the heels, while there aren't any in the game, she has a very huge arsenal of 4 inchers to choose from.


  4. Fruit grows on trees? (This is a legit question where I live.)

  5. Mangoes are by far my favorite! Does your mom like visitors from strangers?

    1. Not a problem. She's always been a very hospitable person.

  6. man you're so lucky growing mango''s one of my favourite fruits and we've no chance of growing them over here

    1. Weird thing is, There are mango trees everywhere here, but they're still ridiculously expensive at the market.


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