Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The World of Warcraft & Public Transportation.

I mentioned a few times that I’m not a fan of getting behind the wheel. This, to the point where I don’t even have a driver’s license. However, this does leave me a slave to the public transportation system, and that in itself has its own challenges.

To properly illustrate what I mean, I'll employ the help of WoW Model Viewer. Let’s say that this is me.
I’m a dwarf. Why? Because I’m short... And stocky too. Let's just pretend that, like a dwarf, I’m really ripped too.
But I digress. Generally, taxis here in T&T pick up passengers in groups and take everyone from point A to point B. That normally means three passengers in the back seat and one in the passenger seated up front.

I try to get the front seat. That’s the seat of choice. You can get to the taxi hub and see the first 5 or 6 cars in the line with only the front seat filled. Unfortunately, more often than not I end up in back, which sucks. Why? Well, let’s say I get in the back seat of the taxi.
That’s when a really large person will get in next to me.
Sure enough, someone else who is equally large (or larger) will come in on the other side. 
Leaving me squished in the middle. For those of you familiar with World of Warcraft, you’ll notice that I’m reppin’ Alliance, while they’re from the Horde. This is not good. We’re from enemy factions so we’re already predisposed to not liking each other. Added to that is the fact that it’s been a hot day and the driver either refuses to put the air conditioning on or it’s broken. All in all, not a very comfortable situation for anyone involved.

Especially me.

And it doesn’t help when they’re both level 85s and have on full epic gear while I, on the other hand, am just a lowly noob...

I’m probably going to get ganked before the end of the ride.


  1. I think this is my favourite post ever! Made my day, Vin. :)
    And, um, my sympathies.

  2. Oh my hell I totally understood everything you wrote and I don't play WoW. I am officially a nerd's Mom.

  3. @ Nanette: Thanks. You know, I really did cry like that once.

    @ Nubian: Well as an official nerd, I salute your acceptance of our kind.

  4. @ dbs: I've always found it funny. Wish I could claim it, but it's common speak to us WoW players.

  5. I think I need to get my 16 year old to help me decipher the WoW affiliations and their deep resentment of the other factions. Otherwise, great post! :)

  6. @ Sandra: It's a long story. I think it even involved a fight over a woman.

  7. Wow, I had thought the people in Trinidad and Tobago were more attractive than that. Or were you n New Jersey?

  8. @ Al: There are many attractive people here in T&T. But like everywhere else, there are always a few heifers wandering about.

  9. the characters you can find on public transportation are unmatched. they are worth the journey alone.

  10. Very clever.:)

    I feel right at home. The weirdos always find me too.

  11. @ Littlejohn: And those are the attractive ones.

    @ AC: And they always seem to be really big. Don't they?


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