Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Years Ago...

Many remember this date for the tragic 9/11 attacks which took place eleven years ago. Even though I'm not American, it's a day I'll never forget either. I've always felt the world became a bit of a darker place since that day. For me, though, today also means something else. Though it pales in comparison to those events, I guess it's something that means more to me than anyone else. And it all started two years ago.

Two years ago my Facebook account sat virtually untouched in the year or so since I created it and the only thing I used the internet for was my Yahoo mail and World of Warcraft. Two years ago I was going through the biggest turmoil of my life with no clue where to go and what to do next. Two years ago I kept most people at arm's length and never opened up to anyone.

That was two years ago.

Today I have two Facebook accounts, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, more email accounts than one person really needs and a host of social networking accounts. I honestly don't know where I find the time sometimes.

And I have this blog. A blog I started two years ago today with my first post where I promised to improve in some areas as I went along (so much for that). This day, two years ago was the first time I hit "publish", bringing this world to life for me.

Up to two years ago I felt like an outsider. I never fit in. I didn't know who I was and it still amazes me how I adapted so easily to this world of blogging, like a fish to water as they say. I've found like-minded people, made friends, was asked to be a writer on Sprocket Ink (I've got two posts there for the week so far, by the way: click here and here).

Two years ago I started a blog. A small thing to a lot of people, but an important part in me finding out who I really am finding friends and finding my "place".

I guess all that is the reason why, after two years, I'm still here.
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  1. Happy (belated) Blogaversary! Or something like that. Wait. 2 facebook accounts? TWO? Am I linked to them? Should I feel left out? ;)

    Your blog is awesome, and your cartoons are fantastic. I love that they are totally YOUR creation, not a copy/imitation of other greats (I'm thinking the Oatmeal and Allie B - whom I miss sssssooooooooo much!)

    Cheers mon ami!

    1. Thanks. I try not to rip other people off...

      Too much.

      I miss Allie too. She is without a doubt, the master... Mistress(?) That sounds kinda dirty.


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