Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The Battle of The Sexes Reach Da Streets


  1. Kudos to whoever that was for getting the last word in.

    So difficult.

  2. Go back to this spot in an hour, and take another picture of what's been added since.

    "Woman Power"
    "My Ass"

  3. I learned long ago, never ask my husband if I don't want the truth.
    me- do these pants make me look fat?
    him- probably not just the pants babe

  4. my ass looks bangin' in these jeggings.

  5. @ Moooooog35: Yeah, score one for the guys... until she buys another can of spray paint.

    @ Kimber: First time I actually saw it I was in a bad mood & I could not help but laugh.

    @ DiPi: If he tries to answer her then this may continue until we run out of wall.

    @ ThePeachy1: And yet if we lie, wives get mad.

    @ Nubian: I keep fighting the urge to put it up as my desktop.

    @ pattypunker: While pulling that look off is to be applauded, it doesn't excuse the fact that wore them in the first place.

  6. The guy who spray painted that must have been bold... is bold the word?

  7. Hahaha...Love it.

    And really, how brave to admit to that so publicly, even though we women already knew the truth. Most men won't even admit to THEMSELVES that they need a woman to power their ass.

  8. Disgruntled boyfriend perhaps? When will guys ever learn that to truly be happy they must defer power, at least some of it, to women. Or never get laid. The choice seems simple to me.

  9. I love seeing peoples odd comments... especially when they are hard to understand what the person was intending (not necessarily the case here though) :)

  10. @ paulsifer: A few words come to mind but, yeah, we'll go with bold.

    @ Nari: You see? This is why us guys just can't win.

    @ dbs: Hmmm... Win the argument or get laid... That's exactly why my wife thinks she's right all the time.

    @ Meri: I'm not exactly sure how to respond to that.

  11. Why does this make me want to watch P.C.U. again?


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