Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pondering Humanity's Downfall To The Machines & Other Random Thoughts

Well, another week has gone by and it's Tuesday yet again - actually, it's been two weeks since I last did a RTT. However, I submit that my argument is still valid since weeks do occur on a weekly basis so, if you think about it, a week has gone by since last week. Go ahead, think about it. I dare you.

Wow, even that intro was random. Anyhow, the fact is, I just can't stay away. Might as well face it, I'm addicted to:

RTT is a product of Keely the Unmom and brought to you by the Mystery Background Ham. Actual randomness of this post may vary. Some randomness may appear more random than they actually are.

Great! Now I have Robert Palmer music stuck in my head...

- Hey, I wonder what ever happened to his robot backup girls. Are they in storage somewhere? Some kind of warehouse or something? Someone should really check into that. I mean, they're like a ready-made skynet army... Yes, the first wave of terminators will be hot and will also play a mean electric guitar.

Humanity is so screwed.

- I have a neighbor that has taken to blasting Christmas music every morning for an hour from about five o'clock. It's so loud that, when he cranks it up, it can jolt you right out of bed from five houses away... I live three houses away.


- I read that the third annual pole dancing championships were held in Japan last week. Pole dancing “athletes” took home wins in female and male categories, as well as a winner in the new disabled division category was added this year... Ummm, yeah, let's leave that one alone.

First of all, pole dancing is a sport? Second, I have to wonder, does this "sport" have scouts like basketball? Do they trawl strip clubs worldwide night after night hoping to find the next pole dancing phenomenon. You have to admire such determination to endure these rigors for the cause. Organizers hope that the "sport" will make it to the Olympics one day.

- No, seriously, someone get on that shit with the killer robot chicks.

I'm going to be basically phoning it in for the next few days (I submit this post as Exhibit "A"). End of semester exams are looming and I've really got to hit the books (and if that doesn't work I'll probably try reading 'em).


  1. When I read the paragraph after your picture I thought:

    Any opinions expressed in interviews or commentary are those of the individuals speaking and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of...

  2. I wonder if someday, they make pole dancing an Olympic sport. I wouldn't put it past the Japanese.

  3. Ahhhh Robert Palmer and those babes, now they could probably take the Japanese on in pole dancing.

  4. Pole dancers are some tough wenches dude, and I can only imagined the disabled ones have a chip on their shoulder, stay clear of that.

    also name the books if I have read them I probably have a paper on them or I will tell you the story so you don't have to waste your time actually reading when it's clear we have sexy robots to worry about.

  5. Pole Dancing for the Disabled... Do I even want to know WTF that is???? My imagination is a cruel sick bastard.

  6. Oh my goodness. Pole dancing competitions. So ridiculous!

  7. I would think if pole dancing were a professional sport the good ole USA would jump on the bandwagon pretty quickly... Or imagine "pole dancing with the stars..."

  8. There's a pole dancing gym right near our house. I might join.

    I loved the backup femmebots. So classy. I think they were buried with RP.

  9. If we can have pole dancing competitions, I'm going to pull for a senior PDA (Pole Dancing Association, right?). Like the PGA senior tour, but fucking gross.

  10. Did you say there were male and female categories? There are male pole dancers? Wow. I never knew that. LMAO I don't know why thinking about that gives me the giggles. I guess I figure they are at a higher risk for injury with some of the moves. PLus I keep seeing Steve Carrell in "Date Night" and start laughing all over again. Ha.

    Great post today.

  11. I took a pole dancing class once. I still have scars, and not just the emotional kind.

  12. Disabled pole dancing...is the pole disabled...the dancer....both? I might like to see that one but I would have to be alone. I am already very un-PC and offensive...I might be incarcerated if I watched something like that with witnesses.

  13. @ paulsifer: Since I'm going through sleep deprivation I thought it a good idea to put a disclaimer.

    @ allstarme: And then sneaker companies would have to make transparent, high heel pumps for them to endorse.

    @ Nubian: Still while playing a mean guitar riff.

    @ ThePeachy1: Have you seen the muscles on these women? I'd definitely try to stay on their good side... unless I had one of those robo-chicks on my side.

    @ Rabbit: Then we've both got sick bastards in our heads. When I first saw that part I immediately thought of ways the wheelchair would be used.

    @ kendrasue: This is why skynet may be mad.

    @ Meri: Oh, they're already there. I didn't mention it but I believe this year's women's champion is from Utah.

    @ BetaDad: Now you know you can't say that without being held to providing pictures when you do, right?

    @ Nicole: Senior pole dancers = gagging & dry-heaving.

    @ Kimber: Actually, can you believe pole dancing is used as physical therapy to recover from injury?

    @ Elly: I expect you brought pictures to share with the group.

    @ Nari: We can throw a PC-free heckle party. You get the chips & dip, I'll bring popcorn & soda.

  14. And are there pole-dancing coaches? And how long before Mickey Rourke makes a movie about it?

  15. @ dbs: I don't know when. But when he does, he'll be the coach, Billy Bob Thornton will be the down-&-out, alcoholic scout that everyone's written off who finds the pole dancing superstar & it.will.be.awesome.


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