Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy People Seem Drawn to Me.

Last night I was out on the corner waiting for my wife to get home. Since they don't clash with the days I have school, I normally wait for her like this on the two nights of her own classes, so I can walk her in and help her with her heavy bag full of law books. I’ve even stopped complaining about having to do it for several weeks now. I know… I know… I’m an awesome husband. No need to make a big deal about it.

Anyway, like I said, I was waiting on the corner, playing some bejeweled on my phone when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed some guy walking past. I wasn’t too concerned, but with the amount of cell phone snatch-and-run thefts we’ve been having these days, it never hurts to be careful. I took quick glance and, by all appearances, he just seemed a normal-looking guy on his way home from work. With that, I went back to what I was doing. I decided he wasn’t anyone I needed to concern myself with.

Or so I thought…

When he was close enough to me he suddenly stopped, “Big man (a common way one guy addresses another here), that Blueberry (what he actually called it) could tell me where I living?”

Now when faced with a situation like this I have a tendency to act as if the crazy is totally normal, so as not to agitate the crazy person. I politely nodded and said, “Nope.”

“No? What the fuuu-?!” He never finished the word. He just continued on his way, muttering something that was indiscernible to me.

I watched as he crossed the street and slapped a street sign as he went his way. I put my phone away after that. I didn’t feel like playing anymore.

Was he drunk? I can't say I noticed the scent of any alcohol. This leads me to believe he was just plain nuts, which makes sense since it’s like I’m a magnet for crazy.

I hope he found his way home, though.


  1. That is strange. I wonder if he actually asked the right question.

    1. Maybe he did... in his own head anyway.

  2. I am a crazy person magnet to! Which is unfortunate, as i am really non-confrontational. I try to just sneak away while they aren't looking. :-)

    1. I'm non-confrontational too, but I think my method of acting normal in a crazy situation scares the crazy people off since they probably think I'm crazier that they are if I'm not phased by their behavior.

      Food for thought...

  3. I get it too. Just the other day I was in the supermarket trying to pick out a loaf of bread when a crazy comes up to me and goes on a rant about how horrible bread is for you. The odder thing was that he grabbed a loaf as he left.

  4. I feel for you. I get plenty of crazies finding me at work. Sometimes I wish there was more of a barrier than just a wide counter. Some of those weirdos are very creepy


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