Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Conversation With Mrs C - My Hot Body.

Mrs C walks into the bedroom. She looks at me intently as I lie on the bed, her eyes run across my shirtless frame. After a few seconds, she walks over and puts her hand on my chest. After a few seconds, she looks int my eyes and says: Mrs C: Oh my GOD! Your body is so hot! Me: I know, right? Those hours in the gym are really paying off. Mrs C: *stares* Me: *wiggles eyebrows* Mrs C: *walks away* I meant your fever... ASS!!! Me: That's right, baby! You know I gots da fevah. You know you wants somma dis fevah! Mrs C: *stops in doorway and looks around* What does that even mean? Me: I dunno. There's a fairly good chance I got high off the cold meds. Mrs C: *continues on her way* Just be sure to take a cold shower tonight to cool your self down. Looks like you need it in more ways than one. So, yes, I'm sick and, yes, it sucks... royally! But, on the plus side, I'm starting to feel write-y again. Seems the pain and fever woke up those 100 monkeys in my brain have started tapping away at their little typewriters (don't even ask how those hipster monkeys got the typewriters in there to begin with). I'm not promising Shakespeare, though. Actually, I'm not making any promises whatsoever. A good blogger in a slump knows better that to promise that they're back for good. And since I've never been ashamed of copying said good bloggers, this won't be an exception. So... for now let's just leave things at: "We'll see."