Monday, July 13, 2015

It's A Good Thing Dogs Don't Get Embarrassed.

Look at her. So bright eyed and bushy tailed. Actually, she's bushy everything. Lhasa Apsos are a long-haired breed. Something we knew when we were offered one as a pet almost one year ago. I hadn't heard of that breed before so I Googled. It was as a result of the pictures I found online that made Mrs C fall even more in love with the idea of owning one. And there's no denying Kawaii grew into every bit the Lhasa we had expected.

Did you know, though, that a Lhasa's hair is very fine and gets matted easily? Like really, really easily? Some of you probably did but we didn't. From the time her coat got long enough it required constant brushing which was Mrs C's job. It seemed fair enough since technically Kawaii is her dog. That and since I was already responsible for feeding, bathing, cleaning up after and walking her.

Still, high-maintenance hair aside, it's a lovely coat though. I even started to overlook always having to deal with all that short, blond, high-maintenance-ness on all my clothes (and I have a lot of dark clothes).
Admittedly, Mrs C hasn't been sticking to her grooming duties. Not that I can blame her. It takes a lot of time to go through the whole ordeal and Kawaii isn't all that cooperative (She always seems to know when to run and hide just before a bath and a grooming session). As a result, she got more than a few very stubborn knots in her fur. To deal with this my wife, when she did take the time to groom her, would be forced to cut the more stubborn ones out.

Recently, we bought a detangling spray to help get those pesky knots out. I'll admit, I was skeptical. Especially since I believed some of those knots were there so long there would be no easy way to get rid of them. We used it once and it seemed like I was right but my wife isn't one to give up easily. Last night Mrs C, seemingly on a whim, looked at Kawaii and said, "I think I'll give the detangler a try."

Me: Okay... Have fun. I won't wait up.

I went into the bedroom and got to the serious business of mindlessly surfing the internet on my phone. Not too long after that...

Mrs C: Vinny, have you seen the scissors?

I guess the detangler still wasn't very effective. Got up, looked, didn't find them, told her to look where she usually keeps them next to her "grooming station" in the laundry area, heard her confirm they were right next to her all along and went back to my browsing (See? I'm helpful!). About an hour later, Mrs C called out again:

Mrs C: Vinny, you want to help me clip her nails while I'm at it?
Me: No. It's late. Give it up.
Mrs C: ...Okay...

Something felt off so I decided to go outside and check on things...

Me: O... M... G...
Mrs C: I couldn't help it! There were just so many knots.
Me: It's a good thing dogs don't get embarrassed.
Mrs C: It's not so bad! We just need to smoothen it out a bit. It'll look even better then. Maybe if I had some clippers...
Me: Well, you're not using mine.
Mrs C: I didn't say... Why not?

Anyway, here's the end result (Please excuse the poor picture quality. Mrs C's phone was the closest one and I didn't have time to adjust her camera settings)...
Me: She'll probably feel a little chilly tonight.
Mrs C: I think I like it better this way.

I'm not really sold on the new look. At least, not just yet. As for Kawaii, she pretty much avoided Mrs C for the rest of the night.