Monday, May 28, 2018

Conversations With Mrs C: The Voice Of Palatability.

Me: Hey, let me ask you something. Do you think I have a good voice?
Mrs C: Hmm?
Me: Not like a good singing voice or anything. I mean, like, a good speaking voice. People tell me from time-to-time I could an announcer or that I have a good voice for giving speeches.
Mrs C: Who told you that?
Me: I've heard it in school a few times. It's why I almost always get picked to be the front-man for group presentations and-
Mrs C: Maybe the others just don't want to present.
Me: Well... I guess. But still, it's not just in school. I'm asking because someone in work said it today when I mentioned I was studying Communications.
(My wife tilts her head and considers it for a few seconds...)
Mrs C: I guess you could say that you do. I mean, it's very nonthreatening... Palatable, you know? Not like those aggressive-sounding announcers on those urban radio stations. Know what I mean?
Me: Nonthreatening? But... I'm a guy. What if I want to sound threatening?
(In hindsight, sounding a little whiny when I said that didn't really help my cause.)
Mrs C: What I mean is, your voice is nondistinct so I guess it can appeal any audience.
Me: You're saying my voice is racially ambiguous?
Mrs C: Sorta. Like those morning talkshow hosts that discuss current events.
Me: The way you say makes me feel like you think you're complimenting me but...
Mrs C: I don't know what to say...
Me: Say I sound tough and manly, dammit!
Mrs C: ...
Me: Nothing?
Mrs C: Sorry.


  1. Are you one of those people (like most people) who hate the sound of their own voice when its played back to them.

    My wife is a professional voice actress. Mostly just reading educational materials and the news. She enjoys her professional voice, but hates hearing a recording of her in just normal conversation.

  2. LOL! This is classic! I hate the sound of my own voice, so it's ironic that I hosted a radio talk show for 7 years. However, others have said that it's a nice voice, so go figure! I never heard that it's non-threatening, so I guess that's a good thing!

  3. You know you've been married a while when all attempts to sugar coat feelings goes out the window and brutal honesty rules the day.

  4. I'm okay with my voice although I hate hearing it recorded. I am a quiet talker too, so I wonder how that impacts how people hear me.

  5. @All: Sorry for not replying but for some reason I'm not getting any email notifications that you guys commented.


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