Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conversations With Mrs C - Keeping Her Grounded.

Mrs C (after 20 minute call with a friend who's now an insurance agent, trying to drum up some business): So, he was saying, right, if we get this annuity and make lumpsum payments from the start we can still claim on it on our income tax return next year.

Me: Okay...
Mrs C: Then we could add that to the refund I get from my law school fees.

Me: Cool.

Mrs C: Plus, it looks like the housing people may finally get their act together with the paperwork so the mortgage could become official before the end of the year*. Right?

Me: That's right.

Mrs C: So that means we can claim a deduction as homeowners too. Sweet! Our income tax deductions next year are. going. to be... EPIC!!!

Me: ...

Are you hearing yourself? When did you turn into a boring adult? "Epic income tax deductions"?

Mrs C: *blank stare*

Me: *stares back*

Mrs C: Oh. my. God... BAH-HAHAHAHAHA!!! "Epic deductions!" I can't believe I said tha- HAHAHAHA!!!

Me: I know, right? You had me worried.

Mrs C: Ohmygosh, I can't breathe... Thanks for catching that one.

Me: You almost went over the deep-end there.

Mrs C: *exhales* I smell a blog post coming.

Me: You know it.

*Technically, the house is ours but since the government's involved with the construction & distribution, there are still a few i's to dot & t's to cross before it's official... ALMOST A YEAR LATER!


  1. That was like reading something in an alien language. I have no idea what she was talking about, which would lead me to just nod and say, "yep, you go ahead, sounds great," and go back to watching cartoons or something.

    1. Right? Don't get me started on when she starts going into our retirement plans.

  2. I'm just going to throw it out there. Epic Income Tax deductions are freaking exciting! Even the non-epic ones make me happy.

  3. Epic use of adjectives by Mrs. C.

  4. I have something similar to the end of your conversation with my boys only instead of "I smell a blog post coming" it's "DON'T YOU DARE put this on your blog."


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