Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conversations With Mrs C - Keeping Her Grounded.

Mrs C (after 20 minute call with a friend who's now an insurance agent, trying to drum up some business): So, he was saying, right, if we get this annuity and make lumpsum payments from the start we can still claim on it on our income tax return next year.

Me: Okay...
Mrs C: Then we could add that to the refund I get from my law school fees.

Me: Cool.

Mrs C: Plus, it looks like the housing people may finally get their act together with the paperwork so the mortgage could become official before the end of the year*. Right?

Me: That's right.

Mrs C: So that means we can claim a deduction as homeowners too. Sweet! Our income tax deductions next year are. going. to be... EPIC!!!

Me: ...

Are you hearing yourself? When did you turn into a boring adult? "Epic income tax deductions"?

Mrs C: *blank stare*

Me: *stares back*

Mrs C: Oh. my. God... BAH-HAHAHAHAHA!!! "Epic deductions!" I can't believe I said tha- HAHAHAHA!!!

Me: I know, right? You had me worried.

Mrs C: Ohmygosh, I can't breathe... Thanks for catching that one.

Me: You almost went over the deep-end there.

Mrs C: *exhales* I smell a blog post coming.

Me: You know it.

*Technically, the house is ours but since the government's involved with the construction & distribution, there are still a few i's to dot & t's to cross before it's official... ALMOST A YEAR LATER!