Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The "C"s Just Got Kawaii.

Not too long ago I posted on this ye olde book of faces:
Thankfully, I was talked down and able go back to my usual state of childishness. The news of the house shouldn't come as a surprise since I posted about that not too long ago. By the way, we went & did the walkthrough of the soon-to-be new House of C. Here's how it looks on the outside:
Our house... In the middle of abunchofhousesthatlookjustlikeit! Sing it with me!
Moving right along.

As for the car thing, I also mentioned how bad Mrs C wants one of those. Let's just say she isn't too disappointed by the fact that this may speed-up our plans to get one.

As such, I'm not talking about either of those today. Those are still a ways off. See that third thing? The one about the dog. Yeah, that happened. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest member of the C family:

She refused to let me type this post unless I let her sit next to me. Needy much?
Kawaii is a two-month-old Lhasa Apso. For those who aren't aware, "kawaii" is Japanese for "cute", "adorable", etc and as you can tell by looking at her, it fits. And, yes, I did pick the name. Considering my fascination with Japan that should come as a surprise to no one.

The short-short version of the story is that one of Mrs C's regular customers at the bank owns a pet store and one of the things she always wanted to get was a dog. Preferably a small and cute one. Recently, he offered to sell Kawaii to us at a huge discount. We had dogs before, when we first got married and always said we'd get another when we had a suitable place to take care of it so she jumped at the offer.

Then, last Friday, I went and picked her up. When I got her home, I emailed a photo and a quick update to Mrs C.

Me: So you know, she likes to bite me & is a little clumsy (as evident by her running into a wall & my foot). You two are perfect for each other!
Mrs C: kk. She's photogenic.
Me: Maybe, but she has a bad habit of looking away at the exact moment the picture is taken.

I wasn't kidding there. It took me, on average, about eight tries just to get one good picture where some part of her body, mostly her head, wasn't a blur.

Kawaii's already fitting in. She keeps to herself until she's bored or hungry and, with the exception of trying to chew off our fingers and toes, she's pretty well behaved.
This, I can do without.
She does have a bad habit of following you too close, though (as in, just-under-your-next-step too close) but I think she's smart enough to figure out how this could work to her disadvantage.

Time will tell.


  1. aww.. she is so cute and FLUFFY!!

    1. Yes. Cute, fluffy & has very sharp teeth.

  2. Oh my goodness! Adorableness! She is a doll. Congrats on being a new daddy :) I love the house, too. Big changes for you this year!

    (this is Kianwi, by the way)

    1. Thanks. Just don't say she looks just like me ;)

      I saw your post about switching blogs. Congrats on having the guts to take on the daunting task of writing a book. You're much braver than I.

  3. oh you are getting so domesticated.. Your puppy is adorable

    1. I thought she was adorable too... Right up until she peed on the rug. Then the moment passed.

    2. Just wait until she eats her own pooh...aaaawww.
      Seriously, happy things are looking up.

    3. Wait until she starts? It would have been nice if we had a wait. Looks like we've more-or-less broken that habit, though.

  4. You are lucky then....wait.. yeah...well then comes the eating of everything else...EVERYTHING.
    Cats are more discerning. They sort of do the opposite.


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