Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Forgot How To Vinny!

I sit here, staring at the annoying blinking cursor on my screen, thinking to myself...

".  .  ."

That's how bad it is. I'm at the point where I can't even form a thought. I know I'm supposed to do something with these keys in front of me. The ones with the little letters on them. I've used them before, you see. With these "keys", as they're called, I've created words, sentences, even entire paragraphs. I even managed to string all of these words into things that almost make sense. But for some reason, I can't make the keys go. Then it hit me. Maybe...
What if, right now, there's some evil mad scientist out there with my blogginess in a jar on his desk, snickering maniacally as he initiates the next phase of his evil plot? Maybe I should do something about this. You're supposed to spring into action when evil geniuses steal your shit, right? I wonder if Mrs. C is up to doing a helicopter chase scene in a bikini...
Okay maybe not helicopters. She's terrified of heights, after all (which is probably why she refused to get any taller).


But, as I so often do, I digress. Prose! Yes. That's what I think it's called. Not poetry. I suck at that. I did try to write a song once, back before anyone knew I existed. Never trying that again.

You're welcome.

Again, I digress. Tomorrow this blog turns three - believe it or not - and I have no clue what I should do about it. Maybe it's best I just let it go by quietly and ignore it, like my birthday. Oh... yeah... I forgot to mention that. I decided to stop celebrating my birthday as of this year. I have my reasons. I won't bore you with them.

You're welcome again.

So where was I? Oh yeah! Not being able to write. That can't be right! I mean, I'm writing right now, am I not? True, this post is totally random and I'm basically spewing the first thing that pops into my head. But, still, these are words, sentences and paragraphs, so I guess there's still something resembling my mojo at play.

So what does that evil dude have in his jar? Probably best I don't ask.

Besides, it's not like I haven't been writing. I posted stuff just a few days ago. Boring (at least in my opinion), run-of-the-mill updates mostly, but I wrote stuff. Those still count, right? Exactly!

Maybe I'm just bored. Yeah, that could be it. I said before that it's hard to find things to write about when you're cooped up alone in an empty office all day (which, thankfully, won't be for much longer).

Plus there's my post on Sprocket Ink. I wrote that and the words seem to make sense (as far as I can tell), so that debunks the whole writer's block excuse too. Actually, that post is really the reason I gathered you all here today.
I can't believe none of you ever told me my "segue" toon wasn't wearing any pants before now!
I suppose I could have just said, "Hey! Click this link (there was a link, but the site is gone now) and check out my post over at Sprocket," and spared you all of this.

But where's the fun in that?


  1. Once again, the lack of a topic has yielded a topic. That happens to me a lot!

  2. This is genius. How can you turn not being able to blog into a blog post? LOL!

  3. Keep writing right through it, like you just did.


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