Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Think I Have My Own Real Life Catgirl.

I've never owned a cat. Actually, I'm more of a dog person. But, thanks to the popularity of felines on the old interwebz, I get to live vicariously through the posts, memes and status updates of real cat owners. Their postings have helped me to understand some of the behavioral traits attributed to cats. According to what I've read, they can be vain, aloof and seemingly indecisive in nature, while their moods tend to change from affectionate to aggressive without warning and at a moment’s notice.

I think I'll stick with dogs.

Catgirls are fictional creatures that are extremely popular in the world of Japanese anime. As one may surmise, they’re a cross between girls and cats (hence the name). Basically, they look much like regular girls, but possess some of the physical attributes of cats, primarily having cat ears and tails. Catgirls’ personalities are often similar to cats as well and you can often observe them displaying the personality traits attributed to cats mentioned above.
I mention catgirls because, through keen observation I have been able to deduce that catgirls are not merely a figment of sexually repressed, Japanese animators' imaginations, but they do, in fact, exist.

And I'm married to one.

Here's my proof:

- Mrs. C often craves attention, but wants it on her own terms. That is, she usually wants my attention when I’m otherwise occupied, but tends to be less receptive to me when I’m not busy and volunteer my time. Often, while I’m busy studying, surfing the web, blogging or doing anything else on the computer, she’ll come over and run her fingers across the keyboard for no apparent reason and without warning. Just to get my attention!

- She has a tendency to be a bit vain and you can often find her grooming herself in front of the mirror.

- She also doesn’t seem to like when I pick her up.

Not convinced? That’s because I haven’t gotten to the real proof yet. This came the other night, when I was treated the full range of her cat-like behavior. We were watching TV and I put my arm around her when the following ensued:

First, she tensed up and pulled away. This prompted me to withdraw to my side of the couch, seeing as she was in her “don’t touch me!” mood. I started to pull away...

“Don’t goooo!” she cried as she pinned my arm down with the back of her head.

Caught off guard by her behavior, I stopped and watched her for a few seconds. That was when she reached across and dug her claws nails into my chest.

“OW! What are you, a cat?” I asked.

Then she bit me in the shoulder.

So, you see, this proves that catgirls exist. For an anime nerd like myself, this is great news!  They might not have the ears and tails (sadly), but it’s obvious the personalities are evolving first. I guess I can live with that. maybe the rest will come with time.
Now all I need is to find a cardboard box to keep her distracted when I have to study.
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  1. If Mrs. C reads this you may not have to keep her distracted - instead you'll have the pleasure of trying to win back her approval. ;-)

    1. She probably would have gotten mad had I not just pointed out to her that she's had milk all over her face for almost 20 minutes from the bowl of cereal she had for dinner. I'm actually not making that up.

  2. Does she like to sit on kitchen counters? That's another sign. To know for sure, try getting a laser pointer and see if she absent-mindedly chases it around.

    1. She does not do so well with the climbing of things, but I'll have to buy a laser pointer to be sure about your other suggestion.

      I may buy one anyway, just to amuse myself.

  3. Ha ha, can't fault your logic :) as a cat owner, I advise you to soften her up with yummy treats and a good head scratching. But whatever you do, don't rub her belly!!

    1. Confirmed, confirmed and - HOO-BOY! - most definitely (and painfully) confirmed!

  4. Mrs C for the win! Now can she do that preening thing cats do with one leg straight up in the air? ;-) (Yes I did, I did just take this blog pose to the gutter)

    1. It would have gone there eventually...

      By the way, who said she doesn't already? Not that I'm confirming she does either. Now you'll have to guess.


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