Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Psst... Quick! Check This Out!

*whispers* If anyone asks, I wasn't here. You never saw me, we never spoke. Got it? Good! *looks over shoulder*

Mrs. C's on vacation. She's home and she's going to be home for the next two weeks... Here... With me... All. day. long! For two weeks. Naturally, she expects me to spend a lot of that time with her. Something about some more quality time or something. This, of course, is limiting the amount of time I can spend here on the blogosphere.

Right now she's distracted, so I'm just ducking in to let you know about my post that's up today at Sprocket Ink. It's about cuddling (which I'm doing a lot of these days). I managed to write it when she was asleep, but she's up now so I can't really stop to chat.

CRAP! I think I hear her calling. Go! Go to Sprocket! (Sorry, no link. The site's gone now.) I'll try to get in contact when I can.

'K bye.


  1. She revoked your gaming privileges, didn't she?

    1. Oh yeah. Big time. She's also decided to monitor my sugar, salt and caffeine intake and the only reason I can even respond to comments right now is because she went to class.

  2. I wont tell her you popped in. lol


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