Monday, August 20, 2012

Conversations With Mrs. C - She Is Inspiration

One afternoon, I met my wife after she finished work so we could get some things in the supermarket. This is the conversation we had on our way home...

Me: Huh!
Mrs. C: What?
Me: I've been sitting home all day today, bored out of my mind and now, all of a sudden, I have an idea for a post.
Mrs. C: Well, of course you do. I'm here now. I am your muse after all.
Me: Uh-huh. Looks like somebody's getting a swell head. Anyway, it was even about you this time...
Mrs. C: Oh c'mon, admit it. That's why you're always writing about me. I'm your inspiration. I am inspiration!
Me: Hmm...
Mrs. C: "I am inspiration." I like that! It's like Beyoncé's "I Am Sasha Fierce", only better!
Me: Hoo-boy...
Mrs. C: I. Am. Inspiration. I should get that printed on something.
Me: *shakes head*
Mrs. C: Hey! When you write about this conversation, I want the drawing to look like...
I swear, she detailed everything. Down to the angelic choir singing her name.
Me: Wait! I'm going to blog this conversation?
Mrs. C: Of course you are! What else are you going to write about?


  1. WHAT were you going to write about initially? I think Mrs C needs to do some guest posting... With a stick figure drawing she would make of you... :)

  2. You could change the name of the blog to "As Vinny C's Mrs. C".

  3. You have a better muse than I do. Mine are Mormons and my ex wife...

  4. My wife and your wife would definitely be good friends.

  5. Nice rack Mrs C.
    It must be the boobs. Hubby says I inspire him. All. The. Time.

  6. Mrs C. rocks. I love her cartoon, can I get that on a t-shirt?

  7. Jedi Mind Tricks got you again. We men fall for everything, huh? :)


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