Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Technical Difficulties & Health Issues.

My internet's still down at home so I'm resorting to alternate means of feeding my online addiction, such as blogging from my Blackberry, using my school's wi-fi, etc. Today it's the internet cafe.

A quick update: There's a nasty cold going around here that's giving me Contagion flashbacks. I've been able to mostly fight it off but Mrs. C fell victim to it yesterday. There lies an interesting dynamic in our relationship. Normally with couples, it's expected that men turn into total babies when they get sick and not so much the women. However, our situation is reversed. I may gripe a little, but I tend to tough it out. Mrs. C, on the other hand, doesn't take it so well (it should be noted that I'm grossly understating that fact).

Judging from what I've seen of this virus so far, I'm thinking a homemade hazmat suit isn't such a bad idea after all.
Let's see... the wife needs Nyquil, tissues, more pillows to cry into...
Anyway, as for posting, things have been pretty quiet here (as a result of aforementioned internet problems). I've still been doing my thing over on Sprocket Ink though:
- I posted on Tuesday about a fetish themed soft drink sensation that can only be made in Japan.

- On Thursday I wrote an ongoing dispute that proves just how much size matters in some countries.

Surprisingly, I managed to keep both these post not only safe for work but in the G to PG rating. Don't let that disappoint you, though. They're still worth the read.

While you catch up on those I'm off to get me some rubber gloves, garbage bags and duct tape. For the hazmat suit, of course.

And, let's not forget to all wish Mrs. C a speedy recovery... For both our sakes.


  1. A speedy recovery to both of you. I personally seem to have had a head cold since October. We could all get together, share a six-pack and a box of Kleenex.



  2. Damn that Gwyneth Paltrow cootie infestation! I'm sure Mrs. C is tougher than her, at least. Speedy recovery.

  3. Homemade hazmat! It should be a meme.

  4. Poor Mrs C.. I hope she feels better soon.

  5. Hope you both feel better soon and that you can reconnect with the world promptly.

    Homemade Hazmat. lol.


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