Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mrs. C Vs. Nature.

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    Great toon/comic. It's a comic, right?

    Cuz it's comical. And I have a headache. Not from the comic though. Just a headache. In case you asked.

  2. would that be the same look you get when you do something to displease her?
    Um...I think she probably has a lot more luscious hair..

  3. Was she watching TV or using it as background noise to sit and meditate? I like to think she smashed the roach because it was impolite. Where's the "please"?

  4. Love it!
    Also, you should do what she says.

  5. I admire that she uses her powers for good instead of evil.

  6. Nooo don't use the popcorn bowl! Popcorn... popcorn everywhere.

  7. @ AVB: I've always thought so.

    @ AC: Hope the laughing at least helped you to feel better.

    @ hisqueen: Yes she does... On both of the things you said.

    @ Pickleope: She was actually filing her nails at the time (need to work on my drawing). What really annoyed her most was that the thing had the audacity to just sit and stare at her for so long.

    Bugs have no respect these days.

    @ Tumbleweed: Oh, believe me, I do.

    @ dbs: Well... usually she does.

    @ Sprite: She says to tell you all that I may have exaggerated the story a little. The roach didn't really talk.

    @ Mike: Unfortunately, for the bug, it was a new jalapeno flavored popcorn she was trying out. She didn't like it very much & didn't have any regrets about using it as a weapon.

  8. Bugs never bothered me until I moved to Puerto Rico. The roaches down there are huge. I saw one lift his leg to pee and he left a puddle behind.

    1. We have those here too. It's part of the reason I don't visit the country areas too much.


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