Monday, October 3, 2011

Conversations With Mrs. C - She Seems To Be An Expert.

Walking home one evening after going for a run...

Mrs. C: Ew! What's that smell? (The usual question when we go running)
Me: Nature (The usual answer when this question is asked)

We continue on our way...

Mrs. C: Oh-oh!
Me: What?
Mrs. C: That girl almost fell down climbing over the railing.

Across the street, I see a woman hanging on to an electricity pole, straddling the railing on the side of the street.

Me: Oh. Didn't notice.
Mrs. C: She could have tumbled down the hill on the other side.
Me: Lucky for her that didn't happen.
Mrs. C: Yeah. She should know better. You can't climb a pole that's so wide. You'll never get a good grip.
Me: That makes sense, I guess. I didn't know you were such an expert. Tell me again what exactly you did during that night job you just transferred out of.
Mrs. C: I've already said too much *does mouth zip gesture*.


  1. you did not even tell me what you guys were running from? bear? fire? robbers? gang of angry beavers? all that matters is that you are both ok, and yes that girl was clearly an amateur, I mean silly.

  2. I just had this exact same conversation with Rocco last night. I always defer to his vast knowledge of poles.

  3. I love conversations with Mrs. C. I bet she has some mean ninja moves on any pole. Purely for protection purposes right?

  4. @ The Peachy1: I don't know why she was running. I was running from a lengthy lecture from her about not running.

    @ Elly: It's good information for at least one member of the relationship to have.

    @ Nubian: Let's call it that. It is true though. She is indeed very skilled. In combat, that is.

  5. a power pole? seems like it would be too fat to climb & also too splintery if it's wood. sounds painful. you didn't offer to help her, did you?

  6. Mrs. C is like a secret agent! I wish I were married to a faux secret agent. Lucky man.

  7. I suggest you desist with the questions immediately. That intel is on a need to know basis.

  8. Visual image made my day.
    Darwin award?

  9. @ Sherilin: Nuh-uh. She was on her own.

    @ Nicole: It has its benefits. But sometimes she scares me.

    @ Nari: Okay, Now you're scaring me...

    @ AC: Whoever she was, she'd be a worthy contender.

  10. You discovered a new skill Mrs. C has. Use this knowledge well. We are assuming she was a pole dance, right?

  11. @ Pickleope: Yes and I have. I've already started getting estimates for having a pole installed in our bedroom. I mean, they do say it makes for an effective workout after all.

  12. Hahaha. Love the "i've said too much" part. Very Far side-ian.

  13. You're lovely Mrs. reminds me of my husband. That's a good thing. I like her already!


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