Thursday, July 7, 2011

Conversations With Mrs. C – All In A Day’s Work?

Mrs. C isn’t the best when it comes to dealing with stress. She especially doesn’t handle people stressing her out very well at all. But, based on a telephone conversation we had two days ago I think she’s learning:

Me: How’s your day going?
Mrs. C: Crappy! The manager’s being a total bitch today.
Me: Sorry to hear it.
Mrs. C: It’s alright. I’ve been working on dealing with situations like this.
Me: Really? Good for you!
Mrs. C: Well, you helped.
Me: I did?
Mrs. C: Haven’t you noticed I’ve been really nice to you these days? Every time you do something to annoy me, I use that as an opportunity to practice keeping my cool.
Me: Gee… Thanks for that. Thanks a lot.
Mrs. C: No! Thank you.

Major Annoyance

Well I hope you enjoyed that. Now get over to Sprocket Ink, citizen. There is more fun there to be had. That's an order, soldier!


  1. That's up there with

    "You make me feel so good about myself."
    "Aw, thanks honey."
    "Yeah, when I look at you, I feel quite put together in comparison."
    "Wait a minute I-"
    "Plus I feel so much less fat when I see your belly."

    Maybe I made that up, maybe I didn't.

  2. *slap* *slap*

    Wow Vinny. But I'm glad you are using your super powers for good instead of evil.

  3. @ Oilfield: I guess I should be thankful that she at least sees a silver lining. Right?

    @ Kev D.: That conversation seems oddly familiar as well...

    @ Torystellar: The power of annoying is not to be ill-used or taken lightly.

  4. I like the idea of Major Annoyance, maybe he could team up with General Ignorance.

  5. @ Tony Van Helsing: I like the idea. I won't even need to hire a sidekick. I'm sure I've played both roles together successfully in the past.

  6. Building a shrine to Mrs. C.

  7. @ Nubian: I'm so screwed if she ever starts her own blog.

  8. Ha!
    (Also enjoyed what KevD. said.)


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