Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warrior, Philosopher... And Shameless Sellout.

The other day I was leaving Port of Spain, the capital city, heading home after doing some errands. I was passing by a local big-name sporting goods store that was part of a chain of local big-name clothing stores (I’ll call names when they pay me to do so). I don’t really know why but I decided go in and to do some browsing. I’m not what you’d call a window-shopping kind of guy. I guess it was because it was still pretty early in the day and I didn’t really have much to do at home. Maybe it was because they’re normally known for having top quality items at insanely reasonable prices (A mere sample of what their advertising dollar could get them).

Anyway, my browsing got me all the way up to the second floor. That’s where I saw it:

Why, hello. Haven't seen you around here before.

I have mentioned in the past that I was into Thai-boxing for six years before I met Mrs. C. I’ve always had what I call a warrior’s spirit. I’m fascinated by various forms of martial arts and combat. I have every intention of getting back into it one day. I think this baby will be a good way to help me get back into fighting form. I even took my wife into the same store and showed it to her a few days later when we were in the city together.

Me: This is what you’re getting me for Christmas.
Her: That? Okay.

She seemed unimpressed. I think there’s something wrong with her.

Here's another thing that you may or may not know about me. I have this habit of deriving metaphors for life from a lot of things I experience. My years on the Thai-boxing gym are no exception. Here are some examples:

Thai-Boxing: Hitting a wooden dummy repeatedly (Or concrete wall if you can't wait until the dummy is free) to toughen your knuckles, forearms and shins hurts at first. A lot! This is because your bones are soft and not used to the constant impacting against harder objects than. Also, if your technique is wrong you can cause damage to yourself.

Life Lesson: There are negative situations in life that we must put ourselves through in order to become stronger. While we may not enjoy the experience of this development, it is necessary in order to be able to deal with these situations when they come up again.

Eventually, once you keep at it, you soon realize that the wall doesn’t feel as hard as it used to. This is because you’ve grown stronger.

Thai-boxing: Learning a martial arts stance is difficult and uncomfortable. With practice, though, it becomes natural.

Life Lesson: Developing yourself in any area can have the same effect. You will have growing pains when you when you are adjusting to a new situation.

Thai-boxing: No matter how good you are, you will be thrown or you will fall. You are trained to adjust your body so that you might sustain the minimum amount of damage when you impact the ground. I say again, you will fall!

Life Lesson: In life outside the ring falls - both figuratively and literally - will happen. It's best to learn how to brace for impact.

Thai-boxing: (Not so much) The owner of the gym knew other forms of martial arts and gave us some sample lessons in various weapons. He said that, among all the students, I had a natural talent for weapons, especially swords. This didn’t stop one of the other students who was training there longer than I was to kick my ass.

Life Lesson: No amount of natural talent can make up for someone who practices and works hard at the same thing. Especially if you don't.

I'll stop there. If you happen to be the owner of a local chain of big-name clothing/sporting goods stores, have your people call my people. We'll work something out.

But, in conclusion, I think I think too much.


  1. Nothing wrong with thinking too much.

  2. I need one of those! Just think of all the practice bitch slapping I could do. Minor adjustment I would make, would have to be a wine glass holder with glitter and jewels, all Princess like.

  3. Ok. So I should take up Thai Boxing.

    Or....should I take up life lessons?

    I'm confused on which class I should be in!!

    I'm gonna just shut the fuck up and say that I love this post.

  4. @ Oilfield: I think you're right. There I go again.

    @ Nubian: Um....Wouldn't the jewels hurt your hand? Oh right! Just until it makes it stronger. Good thinking.

    @ Sugar Free: Guess you could do both & love the post. Just sayin'.

  5. I was going to leave something profound...but its past your commenting deadline.

  6. @ AC: I have a deadline? Nobody tells me anything. ;)

  7. Ok. I'll prove it.
    This post is very good and I draw analogies to everything too.
    Your newest link is not working, well it would if you had finished it.
    Just had coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Catch me if you can.....

  8. @ AC: Okaaaay.

    1. Thanks, glad I'm not the only one.

    2. Fixed it. Thanks again.

    3. Never start the day without it myself.


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