Sunday, June 26, 2011

Her Voice.

It penetrates my defenses. It reaches me even when I don’t want it to. When I’m upset and want to be alone, it breaks through the walls I’ve put up. When I would rather be inside my own head it disrupts my focus.

Sometimes, when we’re at home, she calls my name. She doesn’t always intend for me to hear when she does but I always do. No matter how softly she says it or how many rooms separate us, I can always hear her call my name. Her voice has a way of reaching me in a way nothing else can.

Even worse is when she sings. When she does, all hope is lost for me. I can’t think, I can’t focus, I can’t hear anything but her voice. Of course, she sings all the time. It’s her passion. It calms her and to be honest, she’s good at it. She used to lead the choir in the church we went to and has joined the team in the new one we started going to.

To get an idea of what I have to deal with I'm sharing one of her songs (With her permission, of course) from when she was putting together a gospel demo CD over ten years ago. After the effort and expense we put ourselves through, the DJ’s here basically said her style wasn’t “local” sounding enough. They’re fools, if you ask me. 

Happy Birthday, babe. No matter what the situation, I’ll never get tired of hearing your voice.


  1. Trying to leave a comment while listening...can't focus either.

    She's really good. Happy birthday, Mrs. C.

  2. I LOVE the attitude in her voice - that sass!

  3. She's fantastic! Happy birthday to your lovely Mrs. c.

  4. @ ALL: Thanks on behalf of Mrs. C for sending the birthday wishes. I have to admit, she was a little nervous when I asked her to use one of her songs in a blog post & she'll be glad to hear the good reviews.

  5. Happy, happy birthday Mrs. C.


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