Friday, May 13, 2011

Conversations With Mrs. C: Aw Hell No... Vinny's Turn.

Got a post up at Sprocket Ink today. Go check it out. That shit be crazy, yo.

Anyway, the other day my wife was telling me about a conversation she had with someone one afternoon after work...

It happened when she is waiting for a taxi. A car pulled up in front of her and a guy she didn’t know came out, fully dressed in Muslim attire.

Guy: Excuse me. Do you mind if I wait with you?
Me: What?!
Mrs. C: Yeah! Well, I told him he was free to wait. But he wouldn’t be waiting with me.
Me: Nice.
Mrs. C: Anyway, he goes on to say…
Guy: You know, I wouldn’t mind waiting with you forever.
Me: Smooth…
Mrs. C: I know, right? Anyway, stop interrupting. I showed him my ring and said, “Sorry, that position is filled.”


Guy: Well, you never know. If it is His will, anything can happen.
Mrs. C: …

They go on to have a brief exchange about religious beliefs.

Guy: You work in the bank?
Mrs. C: Yup… (I never mentioned it before, but Mrs. C works in a bank also. Not the same one I worked for, though).
Guy: So, what is your name?
Mrs. C: Diva.
Guy: Oh! That’s a Muslim name, isn’t.
Mrs. C: (*Shrugs*) I guess.
(Explanation: Mrs. C’s late mother tried various religions on for size over the years. Muslim was the one she was giving a go at when she had her).
Guy: You know you’re very attractive. You just need to cover your head.
Mrs. C: Your belief, not mine.
Me: For now. You never know what He has in store.
Mrs. C: Dude, seriously?! Like I said, I’m married.
Guy: Like I said. It’s up to Him

Do you like movies?

Mrs. C: What?
Guy: Do you go to movies?
Mrs. C: Yeah, sure. Sometimes… (Where, the hell, are all those damn taxies?!)


At this point, he starts singing pieces of various Bollywood tunes and asking if she knew them. We could only assume this was because he mistook her Spanish features for East Indian. It wasn’t long after that that she was able get a taxi and make her escape.

Luckily, she never saw him again. A few days later her training was over and she was placed in a new branch.

Want more funny? Head over to Sprocket Ink and get your laugh on.

[UPDATE] I felt it important to mention that, while I made mention of this individual being of a particular religious faith, I bear no malice to people of said faith, or any other. I mentioned it simply because that's what he was. Just so you know.


  1. It just goes to show you that there are idiots every where. And that there is no shortage of them either.


    For her, and for you listening to her tell the story.

  3. If a creepy man comes up to talk to me like that, you wont see me for the dust.....


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