Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Post At Sprocket Ink... And Some Other Stuff

Have you guys noticed that every Tuesday and Thursday I post about my new posts over at Sprocket Ink? Well, it is Thursday sooo... you know.

You're not going to make me spell it out, right?

Anyway, I'm thinking of giving this place a makeover. I'm bored with the look, really. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do but I want to have something done by the time my birthday rolls around in a week and a half.


I need to explain something here. Every year I tell myself that I won't take every opportunity to mention my birthday (And every year I end up doing it). It's sad, really. First comes the casual mentioning like I did just now. Then some not-so-subtle hints follow soon after that. Pretty soon, I'm just bringing it up at random moments in EVERY conversation (Even the ones I'm not involved in). In the year since then, I've started blogging, tweeting, stumbling and making extensive use of Facebook...

Heaven help us all.


  1. i love celebrating birthdays! even better than holidays because holidays are for the masses, birthdays are for the individual. so i say shameless birthday promotion is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged!

  2. Dude. Don't apologize. I'm glad you were born.

  3. @ pattypunker: Thanks. I feel better about my shameless self-plugging now.

    @ dbs: Aw, shucks. Thanks.

    @ AC: This year I fear it's going th have to take a back seat since it's falling on Mother's Day.


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