Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Listen To Your Wife

The following is an example of one of the many conversations held between Mrs. C & myself over the years... Sadly the results don't vary much (I've translated the conversation from our Trini dialect for easy reading):

Mrs C: Vinneee
Me: Eh? (hunched over laptop trying to complete World of Warcraft quest).
Mrs C: You know that guy from my office who is always travelling? He's heading to the US again.
Me: 'K... That's nice...
Mrs C: Anyhow, I told him to bring down a few things for me. Nothing much, they'll just come up to about $900. (about US$143.)
Me: ...'K... whatever (getting "ganked" by enemy player).
Mrs C: Yeah, so I told him to get me...
Me: (Unable to concentrate on enemy encounter) Growl...
Mrs C: Alright, bye (leaves room).
Me: (Several minutes later) Huh?... Wait, $900!?!

Moral of the story: Pay attention to your wife. They're smart & they know exactly when to strike.


  1. Wives have a prowess unmatched by any other human creature. I'm STILL finding out what things I agreed to when I was in a raiding guild. (Are you pumped for Cataclysm or what?!)

  2. @ Dr. Cynicism: Pumped? It's the only reason I'm looking forward to this December (trying - unsuccessfully - to ignore Christmas).

  3. They are annoyingly smart aren't they? Check out my recent post; it's also a spousal conversation: http://thinkstew-dbs.blogspot.com/

  4. @ dbs: Yeah, we have conversations like those in our house too. Thanks for the follow, btw.

  5. Did not know Dr. C was a WOW groupie? My son is bitchin' up a storm as he is currently in Africa and the internet sucks and he is trying to download some new thing on WOW that takes 4g's or mb's or whatever... and yes, I as a Mom know when to strike when T was on WOW ~ during a raid!


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